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10 Christmas Apps that are currently FREE!

Since I was looking for some FREE Christmas Apps today, I just decided to share my picks with you all!  Please keep in mind as with anything, the prices could change.  I haven’t tested some of these yet, but these were the ones I decided to download.  I have both APPLE Apps and AMAZON apps since I have both types of phones and tablets in my family.  I have to make everyone happy!  So here we go…


This one seems to be a puzzle type of game!  I love seeing all the different decorations on the front doors in this app!  I love puzzle type of games too!  They are my favorite!

You can download and find it here -> 100 Doors Mystic Christmas Puzzle Game

-High definition Christmas graphics and unique room designs

-Dialogue revealing the story as you advance each floor


Christmas Memory Game – (Amazon)

Memory games are good for all ages!  I still like to play the old fashioned memory card games even though my kids are older!  It’s amazing how much my brain has lost since I had kids!  I always say they stole my memory!

You can download and find it here -> Christmas Memory Game

-Christmas brain game

-Christmas stickers, cartoons, gifts during the game

Christmas Wonderland – Hidden object adventure game – (Amazon)

Hidden object games are very popular for all ages right now!  I sure do enjoy them.  Especially during the have so much traveling, these make a nice way to pass the time during your trip. The reviews on this mention good graphics!

You can download and find it here -> Christmas Hidden Object Game

-Bonus item searches

-Buy gifts for the whole family

Christmas Cookie Fun Match – (Amazon)

This game currently has over 1,400 good reviews!  If you love other matching games, you will probably find this one addictive too!

You can download and find it here -> Christmas Cookie Match Game

-make cookie matches and create special powers with ease.

-25 new levels added / total of 550 levels

-object to puzzle over, Brownie Batter

Superbook – Kids Bible & Videos – (Amazon)

The reason for the season! Christmas is about the birth of our Savior so it only makes sense that I offer up a bible app.  Has over 700 good reviews. Published by the Christian Broadcasting Network.  The graphics are neat and easy for kids to understand.

 You can download and find it here -> Christian Kids Bible and Video App

-Added daily Bible verse reminders to play the Superbook Daily Quest

-Download Superbook episodes and play them directly from mobile or tablet device

Now we’re moving over to I-Tunes for my Apple picks!

Elf Yourself by Office Depot – (Apple)

 You can download and find it here -> Elf Yourself – Office Depot App

-Create up to 5 elfs

-Share on Facebook

-Use your face, family, friends, even your pet can be an elf


Christmas Solitaire tri-peaks – (Apple)

Everyone loves the basic game of Solitaire so why not make it a festive game!

You can download and find it here -> Christmas Solitaire

-Festive theme set in a snowy, winter landscape

-Each face card has a Christmas themed character

-Occasional jingle of bells

-Fill a snowy landscape w/an enchanted tower in this card game

-Match cards that are one higher or lower than the shown card


Christmas Sweeper 3 – (Apple)

Over 1000 levels of matching fun! Light candles, clear the snow to find gifts, catch jumping snowmen, fill gift bags. Drop Santa down the chimney, ignite firecrackers, fill the big sock & look what’s in the fridge.

You can download and find it here -> Christmas Sweeper Game

-There are no lives to lose, and no need to annoy friends to progress

                                                                            -Make matches of 4 or 5 to create powerful bombs and power-ups

Frozen Snowman Games – (Apple)

 A match 3 puzzle game where you can match and collect jewels with everyone’s favorite snowman!

You can download and find it here -> Frozen Snowman Games

-Hundreds of puzzle levels / Match power-ups for powerful combos

-Complete levels to collect keys to dozens of magical chests

25 Days of Advent – Christmas Calendar 2017 – (Apple)

And for the finale here is FREE ADVENT calendar that gives a FREE Christmas APP every day!

You can download and find it here -> Free Christmas Advent Calendar

-25 amazing free gifts and magically bring the Christmas scene to life


Christmas is my all time most favorite holiday during the year!  I am hoping to post more Christmas related articles as I continue to enjoy this joyous season of giving, celebration, and hope!




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