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15 Gift Ideas for Small Space Living

I know many people that practice a full time RV living lifestyle.  Additionally, a common theme these days is practicing a small space living lifestyle.  My parents for one, reduced from a 5 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom home during their retirement.  Lots of people like the idea of condos and apartments because they don’t want the lawn maintenance.  Something I aspire to do, is live full time in my RV and enjoy the coastal areas of this wonderful USA!

So these are my picks for a gift ideas for that special person in your life who is living in a small space, but you still want to spoil them during the holidays!

#1 -This super soft luxurious blanket is faux fur and warm and elegant!  It’s off white so will go with any decor.  It can be kept on the back of a chair, end of a bed, or sofa when not in use, so doesn’t take up additional storage space.  A nice fluffy sherpa blanket is probably not something that I would think to give to myself, but would be a nice gift to receive!

#2 – If you have a person in your life that just loves to cook or bake, a nice apron is a great idea too!  It can be stored on a hook or on the back of a door and a nice new apron maybe something they don’t already have or in need of a fresh one! I particularly love this whimsical Poppy Flower Apron with pocket.

#3 -A gourmet edible is always a nice gift and requires no long term storage!  This neat idea could be for him or her or both!  Enjoy watching your favorite person open up these gourmet bourbon chocolate balls.  Maybe if you’re lucky they’ll let you try one!

#4 – Got tea? Such a neat idea to spoil the tea drinker in your life! This one I personally pinned to my “wish list” board because I would love to try this unique variety! This assortment of 5 festive tea blends is presented in a fun pyramid container. It has a detailed menu in the lid.  Great idea for her or a hostess gift too! This one has 5 blends including Rum Raisin Biscotti, Sweet Orange Spice, Winter Chai, Spiced Ginger Rum, and Harvest Apple Spice.

#5 – How about a beautiful new mug to drink their favorite hot beverage! This mug is sure to make you feel good with it’s opulent art work and sure to get compliments when out and about.  Features a double wall to keep the heat inside. This Kate Spade New York tumbler holds 16 ounces of their beverage of choice.

#6 – Most people I know have multiple sets of ear buds. Another thing that I constantly am misplacing or loosing are my ear buds.  I love these decorative ear buds by Lily Pulitzer. With their unique design, there will be no mistaking them for Mommy’s! So daughters, hands off!

#7 -These light weight fuzzy slippers are whimsical and comfy cozy! Do you wait until the holidays for your new annual pair of fuzzy slippers like I do? I like the fact that these can be thrown into the washer to freshen them up! A variety of patterns are available and they would also make a nice stocking stuffer idea too!

#8 – If you have a foodie in your life, this is a fun gift! These Foodie Die provide inspiration for creating your meals. Select the primary dice and a veggie die, then roll! These cute little addition to your kitchen contain over 186,000 possible meal combinations.  They can be kept out as a conversation piece and will fit easily on a window sill or small shelf too! They are also vegan friendly as the protein die includes both meat and vegetarian options on each side.

#9 – A unique and interesting pick of mine is this Beehive Coil Candle!  What a conversation piece!  So fun to light this candle and watch it glow.

It puts itself out when the flame reaches the clip.  It will burn for 70 hours and is made out of all beeswax.  Refills are available online.


 #10 – A nice box set of feminine or masculine soaps makes a nice gift idea too.  Another thing you have to buy, but don’t have to worry about storage long time.  Everybody loves getting some fancy soap and if you don’t like to use it in the shower, it makes a nice scented drawer.  Put it in your drawers in the guest room or in your  personal drawer for a long lasting pleasant and relaxing scent. My mom always kept a bar under the bed of the guest bedroom!

#11 – If you have a special gardener or home cook on your Christmas list, this small indoor herb garden has great ratings and can be used over and over again in any small space.

They can garden year ’round and grow their own fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more in this soil-free indoor gardening system that grows plants 5 times faster than in soil. I love the idea that’s its soil free so you don’t have to worry about bugs in your kitchen!

#12 – A very popular and highly rated item is this white linen hemstitched tea towel set by Pottery Barn. A nice crisp, clean look in your kitchen or bathroom for guests to dry their hands.  In addition, I love using these to cover your dough while rising.  Linen and Cotton blend, with a simplistic style goes with any decor.

I bought a whole bunch last year and used it to cover my brownies that I brought to a few holiday events.  It makes a nice hostess gift they can keep!

#13 – If you have a coffee lover, the gift of coffee is a good idea! A nice coffee and biscotti sampler will be well appreciated.  It’s something they may already buy and will enjoy getting a special treat that otherwise, they probably wouldn’t buy for them selves! Can be shipped directly to them if you aren’t gonna get a chance to see them at the holidays. Different varieties available.

#14 – Freshen your home with a pleasant scent with a fun and whimsical tart warmer! For the fun loving  person in your life, there are so many unique and different tart warmers to choose from.  I love this Surfboard Woody Wagon one! An electric tart warmer is a neat way to have a flame less candle effect in your home.

For the RV enthusiast, this travel trailer tart warmer one will brighten up your RV! I love the touch of the window box with flowers in it. I just might have to put this on my wish list this year.

#15 – A good FAMILY gift is the gift of family time and entertainment. This movie gift basket is a great idea, and there are several varieties you can choose from in addition to movie night.  Give them a nice evening out or at home!

I’m sure your gift recipient will appreciate the fact that you took into consideration their needs.  I hope this inspires you to not give them a carnival giant sized stuffed animal, jumbo jewelry armoire, or X-large holiday decorative item to store!  (yup, all true stories!)


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