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2017 Solar Eclipse

The day started out pretty well and I think the kids were excited about the Solar Eclipse. Our school district made the decision that all kids could be “excused” at 12:30 p.m. so they could all go home and enjoy the event with their friends and family. The plan was to grab the kiddo’s and get home and have time to walk out onto the golf course and watch the amazing gift that God and Science were giving us today! Things were great since hubby was able to work from home yesterday and he would be able to enjoy the solar eclipse during his lunch time.

So it was time to grab the kiddo’s and I was surprised how easy it was and quickly I was able to get them. The office staff at each school was great and ready for the masses to come grab their kiddo’s! Kids were in the car and we decided to grab a quick meal in the drive through and while sitting in the drive through (because everybody else had the same idea!) a wicked thunderstorm came barreling in and made things dark, loud, very wet, and not viable to watch the eclipse outside on a golf course.

Not good Eclipse watching weather!

So I called hubby and he immediately went to the weather channel and followed our favorite local meteorologist (Eric Burris) who said things were clear in Melbourne, so we decided to head that direction, to the coast. We quickly ate our lunch and then got on the road towards clear skies! As we reached Cocoa, we realized the weather was clear with beautiful blue skies and clouds were behind us. We saw a large Camper turn into this little park and we thought, “this was a sign!” We followed them in and there was also a little bar and restaurant right on the water called Lone Cabbage Fish Camp. It was a beautiful water view, but we made sure we would be able to see the sun from their outside seating area. It was a go!

Our view from our outside table

We had a seat right on the St. Johns River with some neat airboats tied up on the docks. This was even better than standing on the golf course for an hour. We would have our drink and enjoy the view too, so we did! I was especially pleased that they had Rolling Rock because this is one of the few beers I actually drink and since moving to Florida, it’s hard to find in a bar.

So happy they had my favorite beer, Rolling Rock!

A bus came in with a tour group and they all hopped on a few air boats and went for a tour of the river. We had some entertainment and we watched the moon covering the sun. On and off our glasses came and went. It was truly cool to see the sun’s shape get smaller and smaller as we inched our way to the perfect moment where the sun was covered by 84% of the moon. I offered my glasses to some of the employees as they kept trying to come out and see, but if you had glasses, you know the difference they make! They seemed happy to be able to see what beauty the moon was creating with this solar eclipse.

I wish we had not eaten lunch, because some of the fried delight looked really good! The weather messed up our plans, but improved our experience. So we found ourselves a new little place to try out that wasn’t far from the house with a nice view and nice people. I feel like we had more than just a viewing experience, we had a nice family memory and a new little treasure to grab a drink and some sweet hushpuppies too!

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