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Bugs at the Campground

Buggies at the campground! Anyone who goes camping understands these pesky buggers can ruin your experience. If you are like me, I enjoy sitting at my campsite with a glass of wine in the evening or a cup of coffee in the morning. Sometimes it’s just too hot and humid to put on the old campfire to keep the bugs away. During our last two camping trips, we did some research to find that both campgrounds had mosquitos and little flying buggies that would annoy us! I invested in two products and wanted to share since they both seemed to work well.

Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repeller

The first item we purchased and used during our Bahia Honda trip, was the Thermacell Bug Repeller handheld unit.  Hubby and I both used this at the campsite several times.  It’s super easy to use and takes about 10 minutes, in our observation, to effectively start working. You simply put in a cotton type piece of fabric (this is where the good stuff happens!) and ensure the handheld unit has batteries, then turn the knob to “on”.

The unit will warm up a bit then start to release some smoke like bug repellent into the air.  It has a protection zone of 15 feet and you have no messy sprays or lotions to deal with.  The repellent mats (the inserts) are good for 12 hours.  It also makes for easy travel and storage since it’s small and lightweight.  No cords and you get a package of refills as well.

The only thing I would caution is to make sure you don’t put it back into the camper until it cools off.  It will get warm, so you don’t want to chance it.  I highly recommend this as it worked very well and I really liked it, especially because I could use it on my food table without having to smell a yucky citronella candle.  This had no smell that we noticed.

The next item we purchased after our Bahia Honda trip, was a fan since we knew we would need a little more coverage with 11 of us camping! We purchased the Lasko Blower Fan to give us a wider coverage.  We ended up using both items in our campsite and it seemed to work very well! This was a true test since we had a wood line right behind our campsite and had no natural wind since we weren’t on the water.

This worked so well that one of our friends asked us to turn it away from his direction.  Hubby was happy to do that since he was hot and loved being able to sit outside and watch the race with the fan blowing on him!

The fan has two additional plugs, so it makes for a great place to plug in something you might not want to plug in next to the camper.  Additionally, you can plug in items that need to be plugged in farther away than your cord will allow.  My kids used it to plug in their cell phone charger.

I think a good bug repellent system is a necessity for any campsite, especially for kids and pets! Happy Camping!

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