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Bunkhouse for the kids!

Our first RV did not have a bunkhouse as many people suggested we avoid it because it is a waste of space and the kids would outgrow them. Well, after deciding to upgrade to a newer RV one of the things we knew for sure is that we needed a bunkhouse! The kids each had their own beds, but one had to put down the couch and the other had to put down the banquet. This quickly got old! My husband and I did have a separate area for our bed with a tv, but were limited to that area once the kids went to bed. So much for my evening cup of tea!

Our kids are 10 and 12 now and because they are typical sisters and a little older now, we quickly realized they needed their own area. The girls needed their own space of their own, a place they could get some alone time when needed, an area they literally could call their own! They were very excited to get an RV with bunk beds! The oldest quickly measured up the head room to ensure she would get the one with the highest amount of space, but her younger sister was completely fine with that because that meant she got the top bunk!

Top Bunk!


They each have picked out battery operated lights and vinyl decals for their walls from Amazon. Both the decals and the lights were super easy to put up and can be taken down without damaging the walls.  I used a credit card to smoothly put up the vinyl decal and it only took me a few minutes.  Just make sure to wipe that wall down as any type of residue or dust will prevent it from staying in place.

Vinyl Wall Decal & Led Lights

For the the lights, we used clear command hooks to hang them up.  As a note, I always wait 24 hours before hanging things on the command hooks and this rule works well for us.


In addition, we were able to find these super cute shelf that are supposed to be used for art display, but they are the perfect size and width for their bunks. They use them to put their electronics on and other misc. items. It also makes a great idea for video viewing. They simply put their ipads up there and watch their videos.

Add a small picture shelf

This was purchased at the store and they have a few different styles. IKEA Picture Ledge

Meanwhile, they each had so much fun decorating their own area. We still have a small bucket list like new curtains for the windows (Each wanting different patterns of course!),  white boards for messages, and a separate privacy curtain for each as it is one large one right now.  We are happy to NOT have to make a bed every night, set up the banquet, and the kids are happy too! The addition of having a bunkhouse has truly made camping a more positive and fun experience for us all.


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  1. Jacqui S

    I know had fun planning their own areas! Great idea with the shelves. How did you hang them?

    1. Mini Pearl (Post author)

      Hubby used a very short screw as to not come through the wall since the fridge is on the other side of that wall. He is also very good at finding the studs. We had another shelf originally, but it wouldn’t secure where a stud was so we had to return that one and find one the right length.

  2. Jacqui S

    I bet the girls had fun decorating their own areas! The shelves are cute! How did you hang them?

  3. Allana

    Awesome post! 🙂

  4. Allana

    Awesome post!

  5. K

    My 7 year old has an awesome bunk room (a couch and dinette, 2 bunks above those, tv, storage…spoiled! ?), I’m surprised people called them a waste of space! On the bunk he doesn’t use, we put golf clubs, fishing poles, storage tubs, etc. up there. Things that are too big and bulky to put anywhere else. I would probably get a bunkhouse, even if we had no kids!

    1. Mini Pearl (Post author)

      We didn’t know anything and listened to several people with our first RV. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to get Mini Pearl because having the bunkhouse has been great for the kids. Especially my older one who sometimes just needs time to chill out by herself! Your right, you can do so much with that space even if you didn’t have kids. It can give you an extra room if you design it right!


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