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Camping Trip to Bahia Honda (Part 2) – Islamorada

We wanted to venture out and see the sites since we have never been in The Keys before.  Thanks to a wonderful bunch of RVing Facebook friends, I was able to get some great recommendations.  We decided to take one recommendation and headed out to Islamorada one day and stopped at a place called Robbie’s where you can have a meal, a drink, and the kids can feed the Tarpon.  The best way to describe it would be a Marina with a small restaurant (outside eating only), a bar, some vendors and artists, and bait store.

I was really happy we decided to come back later because there is no way you could navigate the travel trailer through this parking lot.

Parking Lot with lots of shade and nice vegetation.

There were some boats in tow parked on the main road, so I suppose you could park and walk.  I took a quick video of the parking lot, which is tropical and pretty with lots of vegetation, but certainly not camper friendly!  See my video here –>Robbie’s Parking Lot

We had arrived a little before opening because we were told they would get busy and there would be a wait.  Well, we did have about an hour wait, even prior to opening.  It rained a little and the eating area is ONLY outside unless you can get a bar seat in the tiki bar.  All of us were able to get a nice drink at the tiki bar while we were waiting for our table and the short rain storm to stop.

Mojito at Robbie’s

They did wipe down all the tables and seating for us prior to being seated.  It was nice that they had a small marketplace because it kept us out of the rain and we did a little shopping too.  They have clothing, paintings, keychains, flip flops, trinkets, souvenirs, etc.

Eventually we were seated in the middle, with one table between us and the water.

Our view of the water, boats, and bridge from our table.

Robbie’s Waterfront Restaurant

Robbie’s Waterfront Restaurant

We had a wonderful, relaxing view of the water and the bridge. We enjoyed watching the boats go in and out and we could clearly watch people feeding the tarpon from the dock from our table. I had a hard time deciding what to eat because I really wanted to stay on my new diet, BUT the fried seafood platter was too hard to resist!

Fried clam and fish!

I am a sucker for homemade fried clams! That is one thing I miss from up home, the Chesapeake Bay area. I love fried clams!








I’m glad we did this experience, but will do something different on our next trip.  There are so many neat places in the Keys! Robbie’s is a neat place for the kids to experience and there is a lot to look at while you are eating.

Enjoying her virgin Strawberry Daquiri

Getting ready to feed the Tarpon

So we decided to go ahead and feed the tarpon because why go if you’re not going to do it! The pelicans really tried hard to catch the feeder fish, so be careful! They were everywhere! I took 2 videos so here ya go –>>The tarpon feeding dock and here we are actually feeding these creatures! –>>feeding the HUGE Tarpon

Pelicans everywhere!

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