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My Christmas Break Bucket List

Since we’re heading out in Mini Pearl for the New Years celebration, we will be spending time at our main home during the holidays.  I certainly have a budget since we will be spending quit a bit to camp during New Years.  I put together my bucket list and hoping I can make it work financially AND time wise.  Sometimes I get a little over ambitious what I can get done in a week as things often pop up! I really only have a total of 6 days before we will leave for the panhandle. So here’s hoping for the best!

We are fortunate that we have a great Facebook page for our town that has a list of homes  that are worth driving by to see.  Our convertible is small and only seats 4 so this will be a family only event for the 4 of us.

I will be making hot chocolate to take with us (yes, it’s not really that hot here in FL but the evenings get a little chilly and it adds to the ambiance! I bought paper disposable cups and hot chocolate for the Keurig on Amazon, so it won’t take me long to get ready for this adventure!

COST: Gas / 4 K-Cups / 4 Paper cups = Aprox. $8.00

Each year hubby asks me to make special gingerbread cookies. We were lucky enough to get a recipe from a chef in Colonial Williamsburg that we love.  They make the best, warm, soft gingerbread cookies!  It is a time consuming recipe so he only gets it maybe 2x a year.  My girls will each pick their favorite Christmas baked good from my Pinterest page.  My kids love baking in the kitchen and have their own baking supplies. We’ll spend a day making the kitchen a mess, but we’ll have fun memories for it!  I hope to continue this tradition as long as they will let me!

Last year and this year, I purchased some cute little Christmas disposable containers that I can also make extras to give as neighbor gifts! They are great because you can write on the tops your own little Christmas message and hand them out without extra wrapping!

COST: All ingredients are undetermined as of right now = Aprox. $30

We went to visit ICE a few years ago and my youngest absolutely wasn’t having it!  She made us leave after being in there only a few minutes because she was crying and COLD!  Yes, its certainly cold in there people!  They do give you a parka to wear, but we weren’t prepared and had no gloves or hats.  Well, this time I will be prepared with those items we didn’t bring last time.  She is older now and I am hoping she will better appreciate it! Luckily, I have coupons taking $5 off each ticket and a FREE CHILD admission from her report card.

COST: $109 for the combo for 4 of us (plus if we have lunch out)

Attend the Christmas Carnival at Waterford Lakes.  It’s called Santas Winter Wonderland Village and the parking and admission is free so I will need to buy tickets for rides.  It’s really a beautifully done carnival with TONS of Christmas decorations and lights.  Last year I simply enjoyed walking around and listening to the Christmas carols and watching the girls laugh!

While we are there, we will probably have dinner at their favorite restaurant there called Crispers.  (Fairly inexpensive because both kids get kids meals here, i have their reward club for a free beverage, and there is no waitress to tip)

COST: $25 for full day wristband per child = $50 plus dinner = total of $85

We introduced the kids to a new Christmas movie last year and now that they are a little older it’s great because we can all enjoy the movie!  It doesn’t have to be animated for them to enjoy it.  Last year was the Home Alone series.  (1 and 2 only) Hubby bought the dvd set and the kids liked it so much they took it camping with them and watched it many times in the car last year.

This year we chose Christmas with the Kranks because we love Tim Allen and thought it was a nice twist and love the plot.  If you didn’t know, it’s about a family who decided to forgo buying gifts and enjoy a cruise as a family instead.

COST: FREE to watch this movie since we are Amazon Prime Members.

Every year for the last 4 years we make a point to visit Bass Pro Shops.  They have a lot of FREE stuff for the kids to do at Christmas time! They get a Christmas picture with Santa, ride the reindeer carousel, play games, make a craft all for free!

If you have never been, you can check here for your closest location -> Bass Pro Shop Locations

If you are like my hubby, he has the rewards card, so if you’re lucky you can use your points from the year and get a few free goodies!

COST: FREE (plus the gas to get us there)

So the last one is a little corny, but we did it last year and it was fun!

I found these cute Gingerbread Campers and instead of using them to leave a display up somewhere, I had the kids decorate them then eat them!  They are like giant cookies!  Each of them ended up sharing because they were super big to eat in one sitting.  They had fun because it’s something different than the traditional gingerbread house.

After we decorate and eat our gingerbread camper cookies, we will head over to Mini Pearl in her storage unit and decorate for New Years.  I purchased a few cheap colorful New Years decorations and some colorful light up headbands for the girls to wear. (A tip, don’t buy stuff that says 2018 so you can reuse them if you want the next year)  We will deck her out and decorate the windows with decals I found on ebay too!  I didn’t spend a lot last year decorating her for New Years, but it worked out well.  I try to buy disposable decorations so I don’t have to store them every single year.  These are all decorations that don’t damage our camper and the girls can put up their selves. I did keep the headbands in a cabinet so they can reuse them this year.

COST: Aprox. $48

Hoping all my readers are enjoying a blessed Christmas season!


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