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Christmas Camper!

We recently decided to stay at home instead of our home on wheels this year for Christmas.  Since Christmas is only 82 days away (YUP!  I said it!), I want to share our Christmas Camper adventure.

Yes, You can put Christmas Lights on your camper!

Being our first year as owners of an RV, we were excited to try Christmas Camping! I knew that I wanted to still maintain some traditions so I made hubby go out and purchase those lights that you can stick outside and project onto your house. Well, it worked out good and was an easy set up and we enjoyed having the Christmas lights each night at the campground. I told him NOT to spend an arm and a leg, but get a good quality one so we could use it at home or camping. We picked out this one because it met our budget and had all 5 star reviews. It has over 870 5 star reviews now! Christmas Laser Lights Projector This one is great because you can ground mount it, which is what we did, or set it on the ground. In addition, the lights are more soft and didn’t bother us as we sat outside.

Christmas eve we always open a gift of our choice. I couldn’t fit a tree large enough to put presents under, so I put a large Christmas decorated box under the bed with the large presents so they wouldn’t be in our way. Using the smaller gifts to decorate around the camper, helped with my decorating efforts. Many special memories of the girls opening up their Christmas Eve gift by the campfire were made!

Trying to purchase other decorations that would not be in the way was a challenge. Once I started thinking outside of the box, I realized there is so many options.  A side note I made last year after this experience is to utilize some of the same though process at home.  The ultimate goal is not go overboard and need to store 25 tubs of decorations in the attic.

I used Christmas Window Clings which worked out well. I could have the girls involved in decorating the windows and just throw them out at the end. No storage holiday decorations are the way to go! Utilizing the cabinet knobs to hang a few ornaments and putting up command hooks around the windows for my special RV Camper string lights added to the Christmas decor. I have to admit, after we got home, it was kinda nice not having to to put back 25 tubs of decorations!

Christmas Breakfast (Mommy’s traditional berry crepes w/Chantilly cream and sausages)

Christmas morning was super special too!  It would be my first attempt at making a Christmas breakfast, lunch, and dinner in my little RV kitchen.

Hubby laughed at me when I was packing our Christmas china, but I only get to use it one time a year so I was determined to keep up with that tradition.  I am happy to report no Christmas china was lost or broken in the process.

Opening up gifts was certainly a cozy process and we had fun watching the kids and dog open their presents!

Overall, I think Christmas Camping was a success! I would love to do it again one year in the near future before the kiddo’s get too big. We had our larger camper back then, so I would have some organizing and planning to do. I feel very blessed we were able to have this experience and hope my kids made some ever lasting memories of Christmas 2016.


Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas holiday season!

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