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To cover or not to cover, that is the question!

Covering Mini Pearl for the first time

After we purchased our brand new Mini Rockwood Lite Travel Trailer, we decided to invest in a cover. One of the reasons we decided to get a new camper was the last one had started to show signs of de-lamination and most of the stickers were peeling off and the ones that weren’t, were very faded. Here in Florida, you have sunfade and humidity to deal with for most of the year. We want to protect our investment since we are still making payments, and perhaps in the future want to get the most for it as a trade-in too.

Here are our personal reasons for purchasing an RV Cover:

  • On our previous used RV, we had black streaks. If you have ever had to deal with removing those dirty black streaks, well you know it’s quite the task!  We figured the cover would help eliminate those black streaks while it was in storage not being used.
  • The roof is something we certainly wanted to keep in great condition and take very seriously.  You hear so many stories about people with leaky roofs and what trouble it causes when you have to deal with that problem.  With a cover the roof is protected which means we won’t have the worry of the black streaks on top or leaking down the side, and it’s just an added protection to things falling on the roof.
  • The cover keeps things like tree sap, sticks, squirrel scratches, and bird droppings from ruining the paint and detailing of the RV. Since our storage unit has a line of woods behind our spot, we figured this couldn’t do anything but help keep Mini Pearl in good condition.

When doing research on covers, there sure is a lot of information out there to help educate you on the products.  Knowing we didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg, but didn’t want the cheapest one either, we took the middle road.  Here are some things we considered in our purchase:

  • Our budget was $200 and we spent $168.47 (I think the price has gone up since we bought ours)
  • The right material, not all plastic or vinyl, and must have air vents to reduce wind lofting and inside moisture buildup
  • We must be able to put it on ourselves and this one had provided a toss bag to reduce crawling under the RV
  • Access to the inside of the RV and this one had zippered slits over the door so I could still go and put things inside
  • A good warranty and this one has a 3 year warranty

The choice we made is the OverDrive Poly Pro 3 and we purchased it on Amazon so we didn’t have to deal with getting that big box home! In addition, if you have a prime membership, the shipping is free.

So far we have been using this cover since May and have put it on and off 3 times.  I will tell you the first time it took us an hour to put it on because we were trying to figure out where everything went, what corners, and protecting the corners.  Putting on the cover took both of us with my hubby on the roof and myself on the ground pulling the tabs down.  The next two times we put it on, I timed us at 30 minutes.  It’s well worth the time because I really love our Travel Trailer and want to protect our investment.

OverDrive PolyPro3 on Amazon $171 – $297 depending on size

When we put on the cover the first time, we cut up a noodle and put about a 4″ piece over each corner on the downspout.  We read it will protect the cover and prevent holes in the cover. In addition, it kept the downspouts protected so the cover wont be constantly pulling on those plastic pieces.  After the first time, it was too hard to keep the noodle in place when putting on the cover because they kept falling off.  I decided to cut up some old socks of hubby’s and used them the last two times and it made life much easier!

We don’t cover her when we are traveling so much during the summer months.  Our rule is, if it’s going to be more than 4 weeks, we cover her up.

So whether you chose to protect your RV with a cover or not, we have really liked ours and feel the additional step is well worth it.

I didn’t get paid anything to do this post and this isn’t a paid post, so this is my honest humble opinion!



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  1. Carol

    My husband and I just purchased this very cover for our 2109s. May I ask how you handled the radio antenna?

    1. Mini Pearl (Post author)

      In our case, there is a Phillips head screw on the side of the antenna at the base. We simply unscrew it to a point where it allows us to lay it down flat. Hopefully yours is the same because it makes it easy.


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