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Our Family’s Holiday Puzzle Tradition!

Took a week off from social media to enjoy my family that traveled down from Delaware to join us here in the sunshine state for Thanksgiving week! What a wonderful week we had complete with several celebrations!

A family tradition we kept going is to see if we can complete a challenging puzzle in one day!  We set it up the morning of Thanksgiving with 3 tables and although we didn’t complete it in one day, we did finish it the next day.  Sometimes we had 3 or 4 of us working on this thing at one time, and other times, only 1 person.

There were alot of stretch breaks that took place! We actually started with a very very challenging puzzle. It was a 1200 piece real working grandfather clock puzzle!  We put out all the pieces and the inside mechanism and then realized since most of the pieces were all brown, there was no way the girls would enjoy it!  Figuring this would cause more frustration than fun, we put it away for hubby to complete at a later time!  He was really excited to do this one since it really worked!  We thought it might have been neat to put on display afterwards too. Sorry hubby.  It will be a neat puzzle to do maybe Christmas week since we have more time off and can work on it for more than a day.

The puzzle we ended up doing was a 1000 piece puzzle featuring old vintage cars and license plates! This puzzle also comes with a puzzle stand which was greatly appreciated once we got into the puzzle!

I love family traditions that all ages can participate and have fun doing.  We used to start them at the family beach house and when the next round of family came, they would complete the puzzle!  It was always fun to go back and see what the previous family completed.

So, having more than one table definitely helps.  It makes it easy to get started because you can sort them by edges, colors, or shapes and give everybody a different station to work at.  We simply condense as we go along till we get down to one table.  I have invested in a few folding tables just for use of puzzles.  This way, if we start one, we can just move it to the corner so it’s not in the way until our family completes it.  My large folding table is a nice standard table that also serves as a holiday or large gathering table.  I have used it for so many purposes over the last few years it certainly was a good investment.  I can put it outside in the lanai, inside for large family dinners, or outside during yard sale season!  

The small folding table is nice because it fits behind my couch when not in use. It also serves as a school project station during those times where your kid has to make a poster, collage, or statue of a gall bladder (yeah that was a real assignment!)  Additionally, this one comes with me camping.  It is a good table you can set up inside for more prep space during meal preparation.  I also happen to use it outside to set the beverage station at when we are entertaining at the campsite.

The third table that I picked up (only mine is in the orange color) is this nice small table that has an adjustable height setting.  It’s great if you have a bad back and need to stand or for when your back starts hurting and you just need to stretch. This folding utility table usually stays in my garage unless I need it for a certain purpose.  It’s nice because it has a handle so we just hang it on the wall when not in use and it takes up very little space. We have brought it with us tailgating too because it makes a nice little portable bar!  (hey, don’t judge!)  This time of year, it also helps makes a temporary gift wrapping station in your home.

So a few more items we used during our puzzle holiday tradition is puzzle glue, a puzzle lamp, and clear plastic that we put on the big table so that at the end, we can glue it without having to move it.

The lamp we use also makes a neat gift for that puzzle lover in your life because not only is lightweight, but it has a built in fan!  It doesn’t have blades, so the pieces do not get moved all round, but it makes a nice gentle breeze while your trying to figure out where that strange piece fits into! It’s called Ultra Brite Desk Lamp with Bladeless Fan

This is the puzzle glue we prefer because it has a little sponge applicator that works well to get into the grooves. It dries clear but goes on white so you can see if you missed a spot.

Lastly, this is optional, but it just makes life a little easier on the cleanup part after you glue it is clear plastic roll. This box of plastic will last for several puzzles because it’s a long roll.

What we do is cover the entire table in the plastic sheeting  and after the puzzle is complete, glue it while it’s right on the table.  After your glue dries, we flip it over and glue a piece of dollar store ($1) poster board on the back as extra reinforcement.

If your wondering what we do next, we find a place to hang the puzzle!  Right now that is on the wall of hubby’s garage!

Happy Holidays to you all and have fun making family traditions!





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  1. stacey

    Yes, its hard but we must all take some time to enjoy family during the holidays. I used to love puzzles when I was a kid and just last week installed a puzzle app on my phone.

  2. Ana Ro

    I love puzzles, but I haven’t done them since school! So looking forward to my toddler to grow up a bit, to do it all with him.

  3. Melanie

    So fun! We always did a puzzle growing up. Well, my big brothers and sisters did. I stole a piece so I could magically appear with it and put in the final one.

    1. Mini Pearl (Post author)

      You like to be the one that does the last piece…just like my youngest does! It’s always fun to announce to everyone that the last piece is going in!

  4. Kate

    This is such a fun, wholesome tradition! We’ll have to think about starting this holiday tradition with my family this year.

    1. Mini Pearl (Post author)

      Thanks! We like it 🙂

  5. Monika

    This sounds amazing and perfect for family bonding. Little pieces of puzzle brings the family together..

    1. Mini Pearl (Post author)

      Thanks! Yes, especially for family of all ages! It gets everyone involved.


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