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The First Day as an RV Owner

We are so excited to have a new to us travel trailer and the kiddo’s are too!  I knew there was much learning that needed to happen, but lucky that hubby was so confident! I remember the thrill of hooking it up to our SUV and going to lunch before we headed home, which was a 1 1/2 hour drive.  We made it to a very large parking lot and parked as far away from the building as  possible because we needed about 7 spaces! We had a great lunch and talked about all the possibilities this new en devour would place upon our family!

As we were driving home, hubby is mentioning how much slower the SUV was towing than he expected.  We were getting low on gas as this multi thousand pound adventure we were pulling was putting our gas tank quickly on low.  Getting gas the first time was SCARY!  We didn’t know the things we know now. Look for places that have special RV pull through gas pumps, like Flying J’s.  But alas, we made it home!

Once we pulled up in front of our home, we quickly realized, this thing is NOT going to fit in our driveway and we certainly can’t keep it here due to HOA rules.  So hubby got on the phone to get a quick storage spot.  It wouldn’t be available for a few days, so we kept it hooked up in the street in front of our home.  I do believe it took up the entire length of our property!  We are super lucky to have the best neighbors and live in a court so it was not a problem and got no complaints. Instead, we got the local kids wanting to see what it looked like inside and we were happy to oblige!

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