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Gas Buddy App Really Helped us during Hurricane Irma

Living in Florida now for 5 years, I knew there would be a time when we had to deal with a major Hurricane and thanks to stupid Irma, we had our first major Hurricane.  I will be writing a separate post detailing our whole experience with stupid Irma, but I first want to say how blessed we are that we didn’t lose our house and had no flood damage.  My heart bleeds for the people of the Keys and the west coast where it was hit much harder.  I’m praying for those people a speedy recovery and pray that their needs are taken care of properly.

I thought I might do a quick post, since stupid Irma prevented me from being able to regularly post, on the app GasBuddy.  As we were trying to decide whether to leave or stay, one reoccurring issue kept creeping up into our conversations.  Will we get stuck on the roads with Mini Pearl in tow and have no gas?  Will we be in a less fortunate situation than staying?

Yes, I have said this before, but I love several of the RVing Facebook groups that I belong to as they are a heap of info and most of the people have good hearts and offer sound advice and constructive criticism.  Several times  people mentioned that you will need the GasBuddy App.  I did download it on both of our phones and boy did we use it!  It was a lifesaver in a few situations.  It also helped us realize, no need to panic, there were plenty of places with gas if you knew how to find them.

It is fairly simple to use and you can use the map view or a list view to see who has gas and their prices.  In addition, they list diesel fuel and if they had it or not.  We received an email from GasBuddy that they were adding shelter locations to the app for people that needed that information as well.

As you can see from the pics below, it’s easy to utilize.  If it has a gas pump with a no symbol, they are out of gas.  I always made sure to look at the time it was last updated, the right hand column in the list view.  You can see some are recent and some are not.  We called one that hasn’t been updated in 2 days and they had gas.  If it had been updated in the last 8 hours, we assumed it was accurate.

Hubby liked that map view, because he was able to see which way off the exits he should be turning.  I liked the list view! We were on as many back roads as we could find due to heavy traffic and the list view helped me look ahead 10 miles for gas stations.

Map View

List View

Map View – click the gas station then info appears at bottom

The con of using the app is that sometimes a gas station had not been updated in several hours. For example, a few had been 16 to 17 hours and during a mass exit that is a lot of time and things could easily change.




In addition, when you log in to the app, it will automatically tell you the spread (price difference) around you so you can determine if it’s worth driving a little further for a better price.

Tells you the price difference in your area

So for a free app, it worked well and thought it was worth sharing! We will continue to use gas buddy on our RVing trips for prices and to see where we can purchase gas. Hubby is always looking for truck stop style gas stations as they are easy to fill up with Mini Pearl in tow.

I hope everybody is safe from Irma and here’s to hoping that is the last Hurricane to hit the US this season! I need a break!

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