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Get Creative in your Camper Kitchen

Don’t you think there are a lot of similarities between tailgating and camping?  I often look for good tailgating recipes to take with me when camping.  We spend a lot of time outside socializing, drinking, eating, and keeping the bugs away! To me, they are pretty similar.

I like to keep it easy on most occasions, because I don’t want to spend my time cooking and cleaning. I would much rather enjoy the place we are at, enjoy family and friends,  and relax outside of the camper.

Sheet Pan Breakfast

So I tried out a sheet pan breakfast idea my daughter came up with! It was super easy and filling! I like it because you add whatever ingredients you want that your family might like most. Here’s what we did:

  • Dice up some small red potatoes and coat them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a small amount of sage. Coat. Spread on the sheet pan and cook for aprox. 15 minutes.
  • Cook up some bacon or meat of choice.
  • Dice up some veggies of your choice.  We used fresh tomatoes.
  • I semi cooked a few eggs in my copper pan and then slid them onto the potatoes when they were set.  They can finish cooking in the oven with the potatoes.  You can add cheese like I did as well towards the end just to get a nice melty goey cheesy topping.

Get creative and make up your own version how your family likes it!  Some additional ideas of toppings in the future I might try are onions, scallions. sausage, and mushrooms.

No stick Copper Pan

One thing that I never leave at home is my copper pan.  No, this isn’t any type of paid post, I just wanted to share with you this nifty little pan because I use it ALL THE TIME!  At first, I thought it was a gimmick, but it really comes out clean ALL THE TIME!  I love it because you can slide things right out of it with a very minimal amount of oil/butter.

The kids use it to make scramble eggs.  I used to get so upset after they went off to school. I had to sit and soak and scrub the darn pan to get that scrambled egg mess out, but now I don’t because it’s no problem with the pan.

So get creative and enjoy your camping time with some simple yummy recipes!

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  1. Erin

    This looks delicious, the best foods are the simplest of recipes! I’ll have to try it sometime.

    1. Mini Pearl (Post author)

      Thank you, yes you’re right it doesn’t have to be fancy to be delicious!


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