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Hands free

I think every RVer might agree that your GPS and cell phone is one of the most important pieces of equipment.   It’s super important to drive safely and a few months ago we decided needing a hands free device would be handy (see what I did there?) if we both could use it.  For example, sometimes we have the GPS up on the windshield but also need the cell phone to find out where the closest Cracker Barrel is so we can call in our order as to not waste time.  We like to look at what exit it would be located, call our order in, and then pick it up and eat it in the camper.  It helps with the dog when we have him with us and also hubby likes the fact that they have RV parking so no issues with maneuvering in the parking lot.   That being said, the passenger (always me because I’m too intimidated yet to drive the thing on the highway) and driver need access to the cell phone, but do it safely.

We purchased 3 different hands free cell phone holders and I want to share the one we feel does the best job!  I didn’t get paid to write this review or get a discount, I just wanted to share with my fellow RVers.

It’s important to note that we wanted one that would fit either my phone or my hubby’s phone. Mine was an iPhone and his being the other guy, we needed to both be able to use it.

So this is the Universal Magnetic Car Mount that we bought and out of the 3 we tried, feel it’s the best one.  It’s a very strong magnetic and took almost no time to install.  It’s also stylish and looks really neat compared to the others we had tried.  This was one a little more than the other two, but we both agreed works the best.

It has over 2,900 reviews with a 4.4 star rating.

Many states make it illegal to use a windshield mounted system, so this one you can mount right on your dash so no worries! Now I need one for each vehicle! In my other two vehicles we have magnetic holders, but the swivel action on this one is by far the best and you can’t beat it’s look. I have found that it has become a habit to simply put the phone on the holder as soon as I get into the car. It’s handy to have if you have alerts of any type come up on the screen so you can see them without having to remove your hands from the wheel. I live in Florida and we get a lot of severe weather alerts this time of year, so it’s just nice to have the convenience.

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