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Our Hurricane Irma Adventure

Well, it is an adventure!  Yes, maybe not the best adventure we ever had, but nonetheless, an adventure.

In my previous post, I mentioned we had decided to evacuate and set up camp in Panama City Beach, FL.  The campground we were staying at was called  Campers Inn – Panama City Beach FL . The next morning we woke up and watched the news only to find that Irma was playing with us!  She has decided to change her course westward about 75 miles!  Well, this puts us very very close to the “cone”. After talking with several neighbors in our campground, we made the decision to leave again and head North East.  One of our campground neighbors was a full timer and living in his camper while he was building a house not far from the campground.  He assured us, it would flood should Irma approach closer than projected. The ocean was on one side and they had a lagoon behind us.  Our neighbor to the left said he was packing up and leaving although he had paid for his spot through October.

Pretty Much Sums It Up

We packed up as soon as we could and left because we had no idea what to expect as far as traffic and gas related issues would go. Because we are very fortunate to have fellow campers who live full time in North Carolina, we headed there upon their earlier invitation! The drive should have taken only 9 hours and 11 minutes (plus a little extra travel time due to the fact we are towing Mini Pearl). We headed out the campground at 11:30 a.m. and did not arrive at their home until 1:00 a.m.

We decided to take as many back roads as we could and avoid the major highways if possible. Knowing there would be accidents and backups at rest stops and gas stations, we took our chance on back roads and we did really well! We ended up actually having an enjoyable ride during the time off the major highways.

I personally enjoyed the experience of riding through the small towns and countryside of Georgia.  It was peaceful and relaxing after the craziness of the morning and with everybody on edge, the beautiful landscape and serene setting was greatly appreciated!

Georgia Peanuts

Georgia Cotton Fields

As we drove we got a beautiful view of so many Georgia Cotton fields! It seemed to be the only type of farm we saw until we started to see peanut farms and peanut hauls! I have to admit, I love a good peanut, but not boiled! Ewwww!

We found a really neat country sausage store in the middle of nowhere on Highway 300 in Cordele GA called SL Sausage along a rural route we were driving on and decided it would make a nice rest stop. The dog got a little walk, the cat got to stretch her feet, and the kids and I got a few special snacks! I know hubby was really disappointed we couldn’t fit anymore meats in the fridge because he was really eyeing up that thick cut bacon!  What neat southern snacks!








So we head on to North Carolina, right over the South Carolina border to a little town called Waxhaw.

Waxhaw NC

It’s about an hour south of Charlotte. After settling in at our friends home, we decided to make the best of a bad situation. The guys were going to head to the Nascar museum, but we needed lunch, so we ate at a really neat place called Pinky’s in Charlotte NC.  A nice interesting meal was in order!

Buffalo Shrimp Salad – Pinkys

Fried Squash and a Din dong Burger

My Beautiful girls enjoying their special “Sparkle” milkshakes

Mojito Time!
















And so the ADVENTURE continues….

Since we had the best host and hostess anyone could ask for, Hubby decided to prepare a nice meal while his buddy was at work. We ended our stay with a nice BBQ meal fit for us Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses in the house!

Ribs, Kielbasa, Bacon wrapped Pork Medallions, Baked Potatoes

Apple & Blueberry Crisp smoked on the BBQ



To be cont’d….

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  1. Whitney

    So glad you are okay from the hurricane! Looks like you had some fun and quality time together though getting away from it! that BBQ looked extra yummy!

  2. Mini Pearl (Post author)

    Thanks Whitney! Yes, the locals all joked about the “Hurricane Weight Gain” we all experienced. Some ate all their food stash and others that left ate like crazy. I guess it’s stress eating!


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