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Hurricane Irma – The End

We were very grateful that we weren’t at home during the Hurricane because I think we would certainly have been scared. Hurricane Irma hit home (Central Florida) on Monday morning (around 2 A.M.) so we decided to head home on Tuesday. We had to allow time for Irma to get up and off the coast so we weren’t driving through it as she made her way north. This was our first Hurricane experience after all and we didn’t run from it for nothing!

Sod Farm now looks like a Lake

We headed up and knew our home was still standing and it seemed as though maybe just some outside damage to plants and landscaping. I have the most wonderful neighbors and am very blessed! Videos and pictures of my home were sent to us so we knew what to expect. I had one neighbor go down the day before and release water from the pool.  I had another grab my mail in the heavy wind because I had forgotten about mail and didn’t want it blowing through the neighborhood. My neighbors are truly the best!

On our journey home, we made a point to stay off of I-95 when possible and get gas. We encountered heavy traffic on several occasions.

At one exit we stopped to have a bite to eat in the camper and fill up with gas. At this exit was a make shift gas station for the National Guard. They had set up in the shopping center to refuel their vehicles. It was very eye opening to see all the service men and vehicles heading to Florida. Several strange looking vehicles stopped to refuel during our lunch time.  We were curious what some of the vehicles were used for and also curious how much gas they brought. I can’t say it wasn’t scary to see all the National Guard on the roads, and we saw them often heading south.  I took several videos to chronicle our experience.  Here is the National Guard video in Georgia. Thank You National Guard

National Guard

On we went on the long tiring journey to Central Florida. IMG_8450 The 7 hour and 45 minute drive actually took almost 15 hours. The pets did so great sleeping the day away.  The kids watched so may movies and took short naps in between. Hubby and I spent much of the trip reading our local Facebook posts and listening to some old school songs.

Getting on I-95 was quite an experience because we are not used to seeing so much traffic. We saw lots of Publix and Winn Dixie trucks, gas trucks, military vehicles, and several campers. I-95 Traffic Georgia Exit 28


Our arrival time at home was after midnight. The next day was the first day we could see the damage in daylight. The woods across the street from our home looked like a tractor had just ransacked it. It is usually so dense you can’t see through it or see other homes on the other side. There is so many downed trees you can actually see the creek now.

Woods across the street




Butterfly Day After Irma

Butterfly Day After Irma









There was a very peaceful moment when I was looking at my wind swept garden and saw several butterflies and bumblebees! I had always wondered where they go during such a massive storm. They have a way apparently of staying safe because they were enjoying the nice calm of the day in the bright sunshine.

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