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Ideas to decorate your small space for the holidays without having to store them!

I started this en devour last year when we decided to go away for the Christmas holiday.  This meant, I would have to celebrate Christmas Day and Christmas Eve in a 25 foot 9 inch long home!  Well, the thought was very stressful to me!  When we moved from Delaware to Florida, I had to downsize quite a bit!  This meant going from 35 tubs of Christmas decor to only 20 because that is what hubby said would fit in the attic of our new home.  Yes, that may sound like alot to many people, but it’s my favorite time of year and that is when I decorate outside and inside to the max!

Last year, it got me thinking about ways I could decorate, but not have to worry about storage space.  I have been practicing this for each and every holiday since because I feel like it made the holiday seasons so much less stressful.  I didn’t have to line up tons of plastic tubs and fit everything in them, wrap the fragile ones, and then stress out the hubby with putting them upstairs in the attic.  I did keep several things like things my kids made, or family  holiday items that were handed down.  I managed to get rid of over 10 tubs though by just thinking outside the tub and a little differently!

So here’s some tips from my small space to yours! (All these items can be found on Amazon by clicking on them and contain affiliate links so I may make a small commission if you choose to purchase them). 

Items like paper doilies make a nice display and come in a variety of colors!

I love to use them on my regular serving dishes and plates, so there is no need to have a special holiday decorated plate. You an also put them under neath your soap dispenser in the bathroom for an added festive touch to that room!  I love these gold doilies for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

The printed floral doilies are great for Easter and Springtime events!

When you’re done using them, simply trash them.  They are inexpensive and you can purchase a new pack 1 x a year for both holidays if you want to really save!

Another way to decorate for the holidays is to have your soap dispenser be a decoration! You need to have soap anyway, so why not replace it with something for the holidays.  Simply ditch it when the soap runs out and re-purchase a new one next holiday and no storage is needed!

I found these FUN Musical Soap Dispensers and if you don’t need 3, you can give one as a gift! That brings the price down too, because you have a nice teacher or neighbor gift marked off your list!

One thing you may not be able to purchase online necessarily, but certainly makes  a nice way of decorating for the holidays is to use your food as decorations!  For example, a bowl of real gourds can be used for both Thanksgiving and Halloween.  In some cases, you can eat them! I love the look of acorn squash and they taste delicious too!  Gourds also have a long shelf life!

Speaking of using food to decorate for the holidays . . . I did purchase a nice cake plate with lid.  I keep it on my dining room table year round and simply use it for baked goods, or holiday special items.  This is another no storage holiday decoration idea!  Simply fill it with your favorite holiday food item or baked good and VOILA! – you have a decoration!

Also, don’t forget you can decorate your windows all sorts of ways!  You buy window markers, or invest in some window clings!  You can use them once for the holidays and then discard.  This is certainly a cheap way to decorate!  I especially love the fact you can decorate something that is already there and you don’t have to find another place for it while the holiday decoration is in use.  I was always struggling throwing vases in a closet to make room for the holiday decor!

This is last year in our camper! I bought a multi pack that also had New Years Eve decorative clings because we were also celebrating News Years Eve camping.  The kids like to help with putting up the window clings too!  That’s a nice little way the kids can feel involved in holiday decorating.

This is the exact pack that I purchased because it’s a super pack with sooo many clings.  I was able to give a few sheets to our friends for their kids too!  It has New Years and Christmas in one pack.

I know you can reuse them, but I choose to simply ditch them and buy again this year.


Using natural elements is another means of no storage decorating.  I bought some inexpensive glass containers that I keep out all year on my coffee table.  In addition, I already had a double tiered pastry stand.  When purchasing your tiered serving stand, make sure to get one with sides (or a lip) to hold in the items like the one pictured. I use both to decorate for each holiday by simply using natural elements that I can use or toss out after using.

Don’t forget you can also use flowers for decorating.  If you don’t have a garden, you can give them to a friend after you are done with the holidays.  A nice bunch of mums is fairly inexpensive and makes a nice decorative touch by your front door, fireplace, or centerpiece.

For example, with my glass containers for Thanksgiving, I have them out but haven’t yet filled them.  I plan on putting nuts in them with a tea light on top.  For my tiered plate stand, I plan on putting a few plants that I can plant in the garden afterwards among some painted gourds I am re-purposing from Halloween.

When it comes to Advent Calendar’s, there are so many gorgeous ones that you can reuse each year.  I had a nice wooden one that I used for years.  Last year, I decided to sell it at my yard sale because I was tired of storing it!  I got frustrated with trying to find teeny tiny things that fit into one little wooden drawer for both kids.  So I decided to stick with the disposable ones that can be tossed out after use.  I always do a chocolate advent calendar and use it for part of my kitchen decorating! This is what I have right now, just waiting for December to start to the process!

My kids are getting a little older now, so it’s fun to get them an additional one besides the piece of fancy chocolate each day.

This is the one I bought the girls.  I hope they like it!  It’s a Pandora Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar. I think it’ll be fun collecting charms each day.

Another thing you can think about is your paper products.  They make decorative paper towels now and holiday themed napkins for your guests to dry their hands.  I always make sure to have the paper decorative hand towels in stock! I am constantly decorating for each season and event with them.  It’s such an easy way to celebrate without storing anything.  I purchased a little guest towel napkin holder I keep in the guest bathroom for them.

Finally, just look around what you already have and think differently about your special memories.  I used my Christmas China last year and put it out on a little stand I have in my living room as part of my Christmas Decorating.  Additionally, I have a special copper tea kettle that was my grandmothers I pulled out of my hutch and put on my fireplace mantle for Thanksgiving.  It’s kinda nostalgic and something that I otherwise, wouldn’t use.  I have a Crate N Barrel Pumpkin mold that I keep in my kitchen cabinets anyway.  I do use it and when not using it to make something, I keep it on the mantle as part of my Thanksgiving decor.



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