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Installing Extendable Mirrors On Our Tow Vehicle

Extended Mirrors – CIPA 70200 Chevrolet/GMC Magna Extendable

When we hauled home our first camper, we realized the mirrors weren’t very safe as we had trouble seeing past the camper. There are several upgrades you can make to your tow vehicle, but this one was necessary as safety is always a first priority. Traveling with our children and pets, and keeping others on the road safe should be an essential mindset for any camper.

First we purchased a pair from Camping World because we panicked feeling like we had to buy them ASAP.  Hubby installed them and we used them on our first trip. This pair had alot of bounce and movement to them while traveling at high speeds. It actually made my husband dizzy while using them and he thought he was going to get sick. In addition, for some reason, wind noise.

We returned those and did a little more research and found the CIPA 70200 Extendable Power Replacement Towing Side Mirrors . These we purchased off of Amazon.  After installing them and using them one time, we realized paying a little more for a better pair was the best decision.  These have been on our vehicle for over a year and we are very happy with them.

Hubby is pretty handy and was able to install them without any issues. His installation included:

  • Removing the panel to the inside of the door
  • Removing the weather shield to the door
  • Disconnected electrical connection to existing mirror
  • Remove 3 bolts that held the mirror in place
  • Remove old mirror
  • Put new mirror on by tightening 3 new bolts
  • Attach electrical connection
  • Tested before putting the panel and weather shield back in place
  • Installed weather shield and panel

(repeat for each side)

Not Extended = Regular Use of Vehicle

If you feel you can’t complete this project, or perhaps just don’t want too, I would highly recommend getting a nice pair of extendable mirrors put on your tow vehicle. It has made a big difference and certainly helps towing.

There have been a few occasions that we forgot to push them out or put them back into place.  I have been able to operate them from inside the vehicle so they do slide in and out easily.

This is not a paid post and I did not receive any discount for these items. It’s just my honest opinion from our experience and use.

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