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Insulating your RV Skylight

Camco 45192 Vent Insulator with Reflective Surface

In the Rockwood Mini Lite 2509s, we have a skylight that is great for natural light and I enjoy it when I’m in the kitchen, but early in the wee hours not so much! I got tired of having the sunshine right in my face when I wake up in the morning. We bought this on Amazon for only $7.66 and it fit perfectly.  One of my concerns was trying to adhere it with some sort of adhesive.  I wanted the flexibility of being able to simply take it out after we made the bed so I could enjoy the natural light during the day.

In addition, in Florida, it’s hot! So we ended up keeping it up there just to prevent the sun from heating up that area of the camper even more than it already was.  You can keep it in while in storage, or while it’s not being used to help with the heat.

I thought about covering it with some pretty fabric, but since it has a plain white fabric on the side that you see, there wasn’t a need.  You put it in with the silver side facing up and the white side facing down.

I made a little video to show how dark the area is now and you can see the light coming through a window in the dining area even with the blinds down.  I love it and wanted to share this idea with you all too!  Video review Camco Vent Insulator



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