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Jekyll Island Camping Review with pics and video

We have great friends that we often camp with and in trying to find a place roughly mid-way between North Carolina and Florida, we decided to try out the campground at Jekyll Island Georgia. There were 11 people in our camping party for a total of 3 camping sites. I have never been there before, but I had been to St. Simon Island for a day trip and it was gorgeous! So we were heading north to Jekyll Island and we got to see a few things that were picture worthy!

In Jacksonville, FL we went over a beautiful bridge and I wish I had grabbed my camera sooner, but I did manage to get this neat shot of a cargo ship going under the bridge as were heading over. This bridge had a lot of scenery underneath since Jacksonville has a port. During our drive back it was rainy and yucky and the view was not so great, so I was happy that we were able to enjoy the view on the way up!

Before entering Jekyll Island you get a glimpse of the beautiful bridge leading to St. Simons Island Georgia. If you are staying at Jekyll Island, it is easy and not far to also visit the neighboring St. Simons Island. I didn’t get the opportunity to head over this time since we all had the pets with us, but if you do get a chance to go take your pocket book with you because it’s not cheap. That being said, last time I was there I had the best sushi dinner I have ever had at a cute little place in town called Sushi Q. There are also some cute shops.

There is an entry fee to enter the island which was $10 and is automatically calculated for you. Don’t worry if you didn’t bring cash because you can pay with a credit card. There is not a person or toll taker, it’s a gate with a machine.  If you aren’t oversized, it is a $6 fee. After you pay the toll, you have a nice ride to the campground which is a few miles away.

The entrance before entering is very welcoming and well kept and you are greeted by two gigantic pieces of architecture.


After you get off the bridge, make sure to make your first left hand turn as if you are following the signs to the hotel because there wasn’t a sign that we noticed telling you to do so for the campground.

Coming off the bridge, make the 1st right at the bottom towards the hotel.

If you go straight, you will be able to get to the gas station but not the campground.  Follow the signs to the hotel and then you will start seeing signs for the campground.

It is a strange left hand turn, but just follow the hotel signs.  After you make that left it’s a nice drive several miles to the campground.  The hotel is beautiful and there are also some shops and of course, you’ll get some nice tree lined roads and water views along your way.  Sit back and enjoy all the trees, homes, water, and wildlife as you drive on to the campground.

The island is beautifully kept and all the neighborhoods looked so cute and had so much character. I have to admit I looked up a few real estate listings because it was really that beautiful! Can you imagine going home every day and you get to see all this beautiful scenery?








As you finally arrive at the campground entrance you will see the camp store on your right.  As we pulled in, we were  greeted by a friendly host who was able to help us check in and then escorted us to our camp site and tagged the site with our name.

We were delighted to see lots of  large oak trees with stately canopies because it was going to be a very humid and hot weekend. It turns out we were able to set up the dog fence and dog leads under the large trees so they were always in the shade.  The dogs were happy with that as well!  In addition, you are allowed two vehicles per site so it kept them well shaded too.



<<–This is the spot next to us, I believe it was G23.

We were at G24 in front of the wood line and this was a pull through spot as was most of the spots in our row. We noticed there was a campground host across from us and a campground manager a few spots away. This made for a quiet stay 🙂


It was rainy on our 2nd night so we had to set up a tent for the food and as you can see we tried really hard to get 11 chairs set up under the awning so everybody could enjoy their meals and watch the outside TV because the race was on!

You can see the tree line behind us which was great because it gave us privacy and a place to walk the dogs.  We had 3 dogs in total on our trip!

We were disappointed that we couldn’t figure out a way to be awning to awning with our friends who were at the site next to us, but the hook ups just didn’t make it conducive.

In addition, there wasn’t any bushes or trees in between camp sites so there isn’t much privacy in between camper to camper.

I was disappointed that the site wasn’t paved or rocked.  It made for a very dirty camper by the end of everything.  We had to wash our feet in the shower each night before bed because everybody had very yucky bottoms!   See my video review of the actual campground on my YouTube Channel.  Video Review of Jekyll Island Campground

Just a walk away or a very short drive is the Driftwood Beach.  The older kids biked to the beach since it wasn’t that far. As soon as you walk down the path and come into the clearing, you can’t help but notice a driftwood entryway onto the white sandy beach.  It’s just spectacular!

Entrance to the beach

My friend and I kept commenting it was like being in another dimension.  I have never seen so much driftwood in my life and I grew up with the Chesapeake Bay basically in my backyard! There are tons of fallen trees that remain on the beach. It does make for a more difficult swim due to tree branches and roots in the water, but to walk along the beach and see the beauty is just amazing!  Pets are allowed at Driftwood Beach also.

I can see why there were wedding photographers taking pictures while we were there because where else could you get such a natural beautiful backdrop! This is truly a photographer’s candy shop!  I could just imagine some great family pictures with us all dressed in white and the beached driftwood in the background making the most glamorous Christmas cards!  We’ll have to save that for next time!

Erosion on the other end of the island creates driftwood that is slowly being deposited at this end of the island.

Video of Driftwood Beach

As a final note, please check yourself, kids, and pets when you get home. Hubby found a small tick on himself. As I’m writing this post, he came in to tell me. I guess I’m off to check the dog and kids now for ticks. Well, it’s back to a Moms Life now!

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