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Mini Products for your Small Space

Mini for the Mini

It’s no surprise that I love all things “MINI”!  Love my Mini Pearl, Love my Mini Lite, and I love products that are great for small spaces.  A constant struggle in my house and in the RV is where to store stuff!  I have learned to use products as dual purpose, organize a little better, live more minimally, and some things can be accomplished with a smaller version. Maybe you’re in need of freeing up some space or looking for a neat gift for the upcoming holidays, either way, here are my personal picks!

One of the first electric products I purchased and have used several times is a Mini Waffle Maker!  Yes, it only makes one waffle at a time, but it worked well and takes up much less space than a traditional waffle maker.  I even used it to cook at a campground when I was making breakfast for 11 people! I simply put the waffles after they were made in the oven to keep warm and it worked out well! This is the mini waffle maker I have and it does come in a variety of colors.

Mini Waffle Maker

In Goes the Batter

Mini Waffle Complete!


When thinking about items for your small space, I also like to think about items that could offer a dual purpose. This gives you one less item to store!

My kids asked for a speaker for the shower and we ended up using it in so many places including the camper. We simply move it from the shower, to the outside, to the table, to poolside, and to the beach! We have been using it for almost a year now and we really like it and it works well! That’s with 2 kids using it too so I feel confident saying it’s a good product.

This makes a nice gift for anyone too!  It’s the Shower Waterproof Speaker by VicTsing on Amazon. It’s great for the outdoors and in the shower.  My kids always keep it poolside when they are in the pool.


Particularly in a small kitchen or those small cabinets in your RV, it’s hard to figure out how to store everything.  Sometimes, I feel like I’m putting a puzzle piece together when we have to pack up and leave a particular campground.  Now, that I’m a camper owner and a house owner, I’m constantly thinking about things I can use in both places. Sometimes, it’s easier to have items just for the camper though.

I ended up moving my mini food processor to the camper and then decided I didn’t need a huge one at the house so I use it at both places.  If you’re full time, obviously, storage is even more important because your items are always stored in your home on wheels.  One of my favorite mini kitchen items is my mini food processor.  I have it in pink, but you can find just about any color of your choice! This one has over 3,600 reviews with good ratings at a reasonable price.

One item on my wish list for Christmas is this space saver under cabinet toaster oven by Black and Decker on Amazon.  This one has over 2,800 reviews so it’s a popular small space item!  I love being able to use my counter tops and this takes an entire appliance off of my counter tops.  Not only does it save space, but I like the idea that I can heat up something small without starting the entire gas stove in the RV.  Another reason is that it can serve as a warming drawer since space is limited in the RV kitchen.  I can be working on something else after cooking something and it can stay warm.


Another item I love is my mini clothes steamerI decided I would rather store this product than have to store an ironing board plus an iron.  In addition, this can be used to sanitize the bathroom and kitchen areas when needed.  Also, a little trick is I have used it to help get those stubborn dirt off of the awning. Lastly, it serves as a good way to get stains out of upholstery too!

My last “mini” item that can be a real space saver is my mini crock pot! It’s great when you don’t need a large slow cooker. I like using it for side dishes so it can be cooking while I’m working on another recipe. Also, it’s great for gravy and sauces! A side dish that I often use it for baby potatoes. I can fit enough for my family of 4 and they can be slow cooking for a few hours while I’m enjoying my time outside of the kitchen. It also allows me to store it in an upper cabinet since it’s only 8.5″L x 7″W x 8″H and weighs only 4lbs. This particular model is nice because the inside is removable and can easily be cleaned in a small kitchen sink without hassle.

Alot of opportunity exists these days on living in small spaces.  It seems to be a sign of the times!  Living minimally and clutter free can be a very freeing experience.  I’m always looking for ways to be more organized and it’s sometimes a challenge, but I do honestly enjoy it!

There are tons of products on the market, but these are my personal picks from items that I actually own.  I didn’t get paid for this post, just sharing my own personal opinions.

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