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My New RV Interior

Time to Get Decorating!

Just like many ladies who own their first RV, I am thinking décor and organizing! Can’t wait to get started! Hubby is probably thinking, no it’s time to save some money after this large purchase.  But in the end, I just had to start since my excitement was taking over my thoughts, sleep, and everyday conversations.

My U Shaped Banquet

It’s amazing how many things you can find on Pinterest and in every store I visit.  I’m at the point now, I see things, but have no more room!

One of the challenges I was faced with when we upgraded to our new RV is that this one was smaller inside.  We do have a nice pantry that is part of the slide that allows me to store a nice amount of dry goods.  On the other hand, I don’t care for the way they gave me overhead cabinets above the banquet with the panels in between the doors. If you look, there are two flat panels and it makes getting to a few items behind there a pain. I am hoping to in the future make that a magnetic board for the magnets we collect in our travels.  So the organizing challenge begins!

I thought it would be good to utilize my cabinetry since it’s real wood and I can easily adhere screws and such to them.  In addition, I can utilize command hooks like crazy where I don’t have solid wood to screw in items.  Here are a few storage and organizing ideas that I have already completed.

I plan on utilizing every bit of space I can utilize, while trying to maintain a neutral décor but utilizing pops of greens and blues for a little color.  I had a map theme in my previous RV, so will keep some of that going as well.  I also tend to pick up things that have “home” or “famly” related quotes since I love that reminder while we are living in our new tiny home!

Fruit & Veggie Storage System

I added a fruit and veggie storage basket to the dining room (don’t laugh…that’s what it is right? Maybe after I install the chandelier) that I love because I can keep the fruits and veggies in this basket while traveling.  I made sure to measure it first to make the depth wouldn’t interfere with anyone sitting in the bench.  A good tip is that I keep my measurements with me in my cell phone and pics of areas I want to improve.  You never know when you will see something or hit a good sale and this is how I ended up with this clearance section basket I found at TJ Maxx.

I also found that my sink is smaller since I now have a 2 sided sink.  I like to keep my dish drainer in one side, so I can keep as much counter space available as possible.  My previous dish drainer no longer fits so I purchased this one and it fits well, although a bit smaller.  I also keep a dish drying mat in my cabinet for larger items to dry.  A dish drying mat is a great idea because you can just fold it up and put it away when not in use.

You can have a lot of fun decorating your new RV and there are plenty of products out there to meet all your needs. Below are a few that I have purchased and a few that I think are simply adorable!

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