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Organizing our travel trailer bathroom

Bathroom in our Rockwood 2509S

When we upgraded to our new travel trailer, I lost ALOT of bathroom space. Loosing a shower door, closet, and cabinets really was challenging when trying to transition all our belongings into a new smaller space.

I had to really think about a few things:

  • How to best use the wall space
  • How to best adhere items to the wall so they were stable and wouldn’t move during transport
  • What items could I use that were lighter in weight
  • How to prevent damage from hanging items and hang them in the proper place
  • Knowing some items could be permanent items, make them aesthetically pleasing for resale
  • Price needs to be right as I only had a small budget

I started by trying to figure out where to put the necessities.  Where could I put our bath towels? I had previously had an over the door towel rack, but since I no longer have a shower door that wouldn’t work.  I decided the area above the toilet was the largest wall space available so I would have to utilize that space.  I found this stainless steel swivel towel rack in silver that only weighed 23 ounces and would hold a towel for our family of four! It matched the few items that were already pre-installed so I felt it would work well.  (mine is slightly different in appearance since they changed the design) I asked hubby if this would work from a mounting point of view. He told me go ahead and get it, he would mount it, but it might not be centered perfectly. He wanted to make sure he utilized the studs to mount items when available. I think it turned out pretty well! He made sure the screws that came with the item were the right length since the wall behind this bathroom wall was the bunkhouse area. Whenever we buy something that comes with the mounting hardware, make sure they are the right length and the screws wont rust. These are fine, but several projects we opted to use our own hardware because they were not good quality and we don’t’ want to have to remount or have issues in the future.
Additionally, I had to find a spot for the toilet paper and it had to be a spot the kids could reach so mounting it to the side of the cabinet was not an option.  I found this one at a chain retail store and it was light weight, silver (so it matched) and I figured hubby could find a way to mount it.

He decided to to mount it with a plastic piece which came from a wire shelf mounting kit, like you would use for the closets in your house.  I also like these Flexible Silicon Mounts for items because they can be used to hang items like these or if you want to add some small rope lighting. Ours is a mini lite so our studs are aluminum so he used a hex sheet metal screw.  If you read up on adhering things to the walls in an RV, there are many manufacturers that suggest mounting it in this manner.  If you have wood studs, you could use regular screws.

Now this really got me thinking what to do with the small triangular area under the overhang of the sink countertop.  It was an awkward area and I assume people use it for a trash can.  I opted to buy the Umbra Skinny Trash Can from Amazon  for only $7.00.  It fits perfect inside the cabinet.

So I did find something that matches and it is also light weight.  It was triangular in shape and hubby attached it the same way.  I have to admit I like things that I can store items in when going down the road.  It makes for an easier pack up when you are leaving camp and makes it easier set up too!  I have used these for several months now and have had several camping trips and have had no issues.  

I also added a few “S” hooks to hang the hair brushes (there are 3 of us girls) on while we are camping.

Make sure to measure and then keep your measurements with you.  If you are shopping in stores,   you never know when you might find an item that will work.  I also had to make sure it wouldn’t get in hubby’s way while using the toilet so make sure you think about little things like how you will move about that area of the camper when decorating and organizing.

My final addition was a small basket that I attached to the top of the wood medicine cabinet with one simple screw.  I measured the depth and kept those measurements with me and found this basket at a local retailer.  So for $5.99 it was a great addition.  It stays in place while going down the road and no issues.  I had filled up that medicine so quickly that I was desperate for a place to store my bug bracelets for the kiddo’s!

I have girls and they will wear these Cliganic insect repellent bracelets that are made with safe and natural essential plant oils: Geraniol Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Citronella Oil. Repels mosquitoes and other insects. By the way, they work well and I ordered them on amazon and hubby and I wear them too!

You can use the basket how you like, but this works well for our family because the girls can easily grab one.  I previously had them in a cabinet, but they were outta sight and outta mind.  It became annoying constantly telling them where they were and this has made my life much easier!

Look around in your RV and see where you have empty space and you will be surprised.  I don’t want to overcrowd the camper, but you can have fun decorating and organizing at the same time.


Additionally, hubby went and purchased the water saving hand held shower mount that everyone is talking about!  It seems every time I turn around somebody is talking about this on an RVing facebook page. Hubby installed the low water flow shower head by Oxygenics prior to our trip to Bahia Honda knowing we weren’t going to have full hook up.  It worked great once we told the kids to make sure you press the button while soaping up so water isn’t just heading down the drain.  We only emptied the gray tank 1x prior to leaving and we were there for four nights.  Please keep in mind we have 3 girls using the shower daily!  Hubby reused the same holes from the existing shower mount leaving the old holder in place too.

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  1. Barbara Edds

    Thankyou for the advice and suggestions. Very helpful.

    1. Mini Pearl (Post author)

      I’m glad I could share! I know when I am continually looking for ways to decorate and store things in Mini Pearl. Thank you for reading.


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