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Outdoor Dog Products

We do camp with our pets often. Sometimes, we use family to take care of them, but often we take them with us camping.  There are so many innovative products now available for our fur babies, so I have highlighted a few from Amazon.

Feed your dog with the EasyPets food mat. It’s a non slip feeding mat with built in bowls and helps protect against messes. A complete double food and water bowl with mat in one piece. Easy to store at home – simply hang up after use or roll up!

I do love this inexpensive waterproof nylon outdoor sports bag.  It’s perfect for male or female and comes in a variety of colors. There are two large zippered compartments and it’s lightweight.  Perfect for putting all your doggie needs  while you go to the beach or on a hike.  I have a special bag like this and as soon as I grab it, he knows we are going on a walk!  I keep the doggie bags, folding pet bowl,  his leash, treats (in case I need to coax him away from anything) and wipes in the bag when we camp. Just makes it nice to keep everything on one place and grab one bag and go.

 This backpack for your hound is for the hard core camper who likes to hike and so does their furry friend!  Just saddle up and go and let your dog do some of the work too! I think my hound dog would look pretty cool sporting this cotton canvas saddle bag! It has two zippered compartments on each side which woucl hold the food bowls, water bottles, snacks, poop bags, etc.

Let the doggie adventures begin!


Did you know they made a special Pet First Aid kit? It’s a good thing to keep on hand, whether you are just luxury camping, hiking, or backpacking with your fur baby.  You are probably not close to an emergency veterinarian so you can attend to your pets needs until you can get them to one.  This kit organizes the supplies and instructions (a very important part) into clear vinyl pockets for easy access. Contains all the first aid products you need as a pet parent to reduce your pets suffering until you can consult a professional pet doctor.

With over 11,000 of theses purchased and reviews, I think it’s safe to say it’s a beloved product by dogs! This elevated pet bed. The off the-ground design promotes and increases air flow on all sides of the bed, keeping your pet cool and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.


 I was first introduced to this by my dog trainer who asked me to purchase one of these leashes.  It’s great for training the dog to come to you while outside because it’s a 50 foot lead with a nice handle that doesn’t harm your hand and gives you some more control.  In addition, it comes with a sack to keep it in.  The second time I saw this was a friends’ dog who owns a 100 lb Rhodesian Ridge back and he uses it to roller blade with the dog.  I used it when watching his dog and really liked that it controlled her so well.  She was happy that she had such a long lead and it helped on our walks. Lots of good ratings on this leash.

Do you have problems with your dogs barking while sitting around at the campground?  We did!  Our dog barked at every other dog that even looked his way!  He was a 4 year old dog when we got him that we rescued.  He was living with 12 German Shepards and we come to realize he just wanted to play every single time he saw a dog!  It wasn’t an aggressive bark, just wanted to play!  Our dog trainer suggested this dog collar and it works very well and is humane! It has over 3000 good ratings on Amazon too!  It’s called the PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar.


We also have a tie out cable for the campgrounds that allow this.  We don’t leave the dog tied up if we’re not sitting outside with him, but it helps and gives him a chance to enjoy the outdoors too!  I like this one barbecue it has good ratings, a handle to help get the spiral in the ground, and easy to identify with the bright blue color, plus it’s 20 feet long.  In addition, it’s reasonably priced.  I keep it in a large zip loc bag in the camper when not in use.

So be a responsible pet owner when camping, do your research, find pet friendly campgrounds and allow all to enjoy the camping experience!

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