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My review of Ed Allen’s Campground – Lanexa VA

We like to camp near some of the racetracks since hubby and his friend, Pete, are Nascar junkies! It’s so nice to have another family to camp with and makes things so much more enjoyable for the kiddo’s too. Because we have several kids, us mom’s don’t want to necessarily camp at the racetrack, so we try to find a happy place nearby.

It was the weekend of the Richmond race so it was important that the Nascar fans in our group could go to the Richmond Raceway and the rest of us could find some things that we might enjoy.

After much research, we realized that there was a nice little restaurant only 5 minutes down the road from the campground.    I like to have a few meals out when traveling and experience the area around us. I also like to save money so I immediately checked Groupon to see if there were any meals or entertainment for the days we needed that were nearby.  I also checked and I found a cute little restaurant at the next campground over.  It would only be a 5 minute drive and we could check out that campground as well.  This would be our go to spot with the kids while the others were at the raceway.

In addition, Williamsburg VA was not really that far and this is a place that is close to my heart since we used to vacation there yearly when we lived in Delaware.  It was only 30 minutes away so this was a definite plus because the kids would certainly want to spend a day in Colonial Williamsburg plus my friend and I wanted a girls day out and were anxious to visit the Williamsburg Winery.

This is how we ended up selecting to stay at the Ed Allen’s Campground at 13501 Campground Rd, Lanexa, VA 23089.

This was a few months ago, but if memory serves me right, it was several miles from the main highway so just be prepared to be on a 2 lane for a while.  You cross over some rail road tracks and enter the campground.  The office & arcade are at the entrance so it’s easy to check in and the kids have a place to play too.  The kids were excited about the arcade, but they tried to go up several times and it was closed each time so they never got to actually play any games.

The roads going through the campground are dirt roads and somewhat bumpy, so be prepared for that as well. I was happy we were towards the back and at the end of a row, because I was concerned that the road dust would be problem otherwise. We didn’t have any issues at our site during our stay so I think we picked good!

This campground seemed to have a mix of seasonal (possibly full timers) and travelers like us!  When we called, we asked for 2 sites next to each other since our good friends would be with us.  We were assigned to campsites 60 & 61.  The sites were good sites and we were able to be side by side or awning to awning.

site 60 and 61

Side by Side sites









The sites were partially shaded and we only had one other camper next to us before the lake. In addition, there was a “preserve” area on the side so nobody to one side of us either. It was a swampy area so be prepared for noises at night and some bugs, but maybe you prefer bugs and noises over neighbors! I was worried about a smell once I saw it, but I didn’t notice any smells. The lake however, was very pretty and the kids enjoyed going down and throwing rocks. We wanted to fish, but just ran out of time. The lake was very close so it was a nice place for the kids to go and hang our while we sat at the site because they were still in our view.

The sites weren’t paved, but did have some rocks. I always look for that because it makes for less dirt coming in and out of the camper. I did notice a lot of kids riding around on their bikes, which doesn’t bother us since we have kids. The sites provide full hookup also.

While the others went to enjoy some Nascar, we took the kids for a very short drive (5 minutes) to Walkers Dam Grill for lunch.  We chose to sit down outside in the porch so we could enjoy the view of Walkers Dam.  The hostess / waitress was a sweet lady who wiped down our tables and chairs and provided us with some cushions for our seats.  The menu consisted mostly of Italian style items so you can also get pasta.

We enjoyed the meal very much and were pleasantly surprised with the presentation of the meals in this little campground restaurant.The adults opted to enjoy some larger appetizers as our lunch.Also, the kids were able to hang out in the grassy area while we finished our drink and food since it was right there. The view from our table was very enjoyable and I’m happy we were able to have our own little adventure!

After our meal and taking some more pictures, we drove through the campground that the restaurant was in, and enjoyed seeing all the full timers homes.  Some of them did such a wonderful job turning their campers and sites into cute little water and beach themed vacation getaways!

Walkers Dam Grill

View from our table

It’s dark in the wine cellar!



We ventured out to Williamsburg VA one day, but the hubby’s took the kids and the wife’s got to have some girl time at the Williamsburg Winery. We enjoyed our wine tasting tour and a small plate at their restaurant with a glass of wonderful wine. This is one of my favorite wineries and I was happy to enjoy it with one of my best friends! I’m so blessed to have this lady in my life!

The kids had tons of fun in Colonial Williamsburg VA and have already asked to come back, but I think that will have to be camping right there so we can enjoy multiple days in the colonial time!

I would recommend this place if:
you are looking for a place to plant yourself for a few days with the intention of fishing the entire time
you want to be in the middle of several areas of interest

I’m not sure if we will ever be back, but it was an “ok” campground for our needs at the time.

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