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Roadtrips with Older Kids

My kids are not babies, toddlers, or infants anymore so traveling is much less hectic!  No need to pack large bags full of baby supplies, snacks, or small toys.  Luckily, they are at the age they pick and pack want they want!  I do give them a parameter of whatever you can fit into 1 bag that has to fit in between the two of them.  They each usually pack a backpack. Anything else they want, they put directly into the RV.

One of our first camping trips!

This is a pic from one of our very first camping trips (prior to Mini Pearl) and it always makes me laugh because it’s a great image of what it’s like to travel with pets and kids!

My kids are about a year older now and I think we have perfected the road trip pretty well.  So here’s some tips from a mom of two tween girls who has learned what works for a successful (well as good as you can expect) roadtrip. I realize most people will refer to a book to read, however, my kids get a little unsettled reading while traveling down the road.

  • Love that our vehicle has a built in DVD player.  The girls can choose their own selections and watch movies on the way there.  A few things we have learned is to have them wear their own noise cancelling head phones.  This way, hubby and myself can enjoy the radio while the girls are watching a movie.  We made sure to get them some headphones that are specifically made with kids in mind. The ones we got are foldable so they can be stored in the pockets on the back of the seats.  I bought the same ones in 2 different colors (I’m sure you can guess why!)  This way I don’t worry about them turning it too loud because it’s made so they can’t do that!
  • Try setting the kids up with some retro movies and TV series.  If you don’t have a DVD player, you can always use a tablet with your personal hotspot if your streaming it.  Of course, while going down the road, a DVD is best because no internet connection is required.  Here are the ones my girls have enjoyed. (some more than 1x)
    • Back to the Future series
    • Ghostbusters
    • Star Wars – The trilogy
    • Clueless
    • Legally Blonde series
    • National Treasure (this was probably their favorite and have watched it at least 6 times!)
    • Trading Places
    • Big
    • The Devil Wears Prada
    • Beverly Hills Chihuahua
    • Cool Runnings
    • Grease
      • TV Series we purchased and they liked were:
        • Bewitched
        • The Munsters
        • Gilligans Island
        • Lucy Show
        • Dukes of Hazzard (we took them to Cooters Place on one trip so they really got into this series!)
        • I Dream of Jeannie (filmed in Cocoa Beach so they though that was neat since we are close by)
        • Partridge Family (one kid hated the series and the other loved it)
    • If your vehicle doesn’t have an armrest that lays down for cup holders OR if it’s being used by a pet laying in the middle, get creative.  I purchased a shower caddy and the girls use it by placing it on the floor in between them (on the hump) for their drinks and snacks.
  • For the times they aren’t watching the DVD’s they will often use their cell phones to play games.  Often, the internet connection going 65 down the road makes it hard.  Here’s a few little doo-dads they like to do in the car.
    • We like to play this game with all 4 of us and it’s funny the differences in their answers versus the adults.Some questions do require you to stand up and move, but not many.  Just skip over those.
    • Believe it or not, we have several Mad Libs and enjoy playing it all together.  It’s nice now they are old enough to understand what is a verb, noun, adjective, etc.  We have several different themed ones such as Survivor (a show we watch as a family), Road Trip, World History, Holidays, and Star Wars.
    • Lastly, a gift from a friend 5 years ago when we moved to Florida stays in the truck for road trips.  We all play together as one big team and I like how the license plates stay in place so you can continue to play when you’re out and about visiting the town you are staying. U.S.A. License Plate Game We even got the grandparents involved when they last visited us in Florida and we were out and bout seeing the sites. They loved it so much they actually purchased one for themselves to keep in their vehicle for the other grandchildren up north.

When we are traveling, we often use a Cracker Barrel as our rest stop.  If we are traveling with the pets, we simply look up the closest location on our cell phones and call in the order ahead of that exit.  Upon arrival, we all get a turn to go in and use the facilities and then we simply eat in the RV.  It also gives the pets a chance to stretch their legs as well.  My kids love to stop at these restaurants because they have a neat store to check out.  You can get some neat retro candy and some neat travel books as well. It gives them something to look forward too.


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