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Rock Painting Addiction

There seems to be a “Rock Addiction” that is taking the entire country by storm!  I know personally, my youngest has really enjoyed painting rocks and leaving them behind in various campsites that we visit.  There are local, national, and yes, even RV Rock painting Facebook pages.  People leave rocks of kindness, inspirational quotes rocks,  or word rocks behind for the next adventure seeker to find!  Some people share their talent by leaving a beautifully artistic masterpiece!

My personal favorite are the rocks that people paint that resemble food, since I am such a foodie! Image result for images of rocks painted like food            Image result for images of rocks painted like food          Image result for images of rocks painted like food

At first, I wasn’t “feelin” this new craze!  I thought who would pay for rocks and paint them, and leave them for somebody to take?!  Why would you want to find a rock and what would you really do with it? However, after watching my youngest spend an entire afternoon preparing rocks to take on our camping trip and then leaving them behind throughout the campground, I realized it was a simple joy!  The most exciting part came when my hubby left the campsite to take the trash to the dumpster and came back ever so excited.  He told us that one of the rocks my daughter left at the recycle bin was found by a young boy who was ELATED at finding his first rock.  He told his mom he couldn’t wait to get back to his campsite and share it with his family!  He was literally jumping with joy!

Well, how can you not “feel” excited about that little boy and finding such joy in a rock?  So after our first experience, I decided that painting rocks was hard and a little frustrating with regular paints and brushes.  I found after reading some articles on rock painting, that using painting pens is the way to go.  You can create details such as lettering and smaller scale strokes so much easier.  We like to put on each rock a new face book page in hopes of finding somebody post the rock we left behind on that facebook page.  These pens will help us do that with ease! We have a local page for our town and an RVing Rocks page.  There are a few products that work well and this is just one of them. I can’t wait to receive them and have already decided on doing a few quilt rocks while kiddo does her thing!  Mommy wants to play too 🙂

Can’t wait to make a quilting rock!


Below are some products that are great for rock panting that have received multiple 4 and 5 star reviews.  I can’t wait to get started for our next trip…mine are in the mail!

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Here is our first attempt at camp last month using regular paint and brushes.  I adore my daughter and as a proud mama love sharing! I hope you will check back next month when I have some new rock pictures to share after getting the pens.

Added some silver “bling”

Love how she “signed” this one!

My little one’s first attempt at rock painting!


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