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RV Storage and Organization additions

Empty Space above RV Refrigerator

Always looking for added storage and organization is something I deal with consistently in my house and my RV. Hubby is always asking me, “Aren’t you done with organizaing and storage yet?!” “When will you be done?” My answer is, “I don’t know if I will ever be done!” Downsizing is something that has followed me in the past 5 years of family life. Organization and storage ideas is one of my favorite Pinterest topics! We moved from a house with double the amount of space when we moved to Florida and then we downsized when we purchased Mini Pearl. So it seems, it’s a never ending battle!

Seeing this empty space above the fridge in the RV made me think, that’s a good spot for the paper towels! I hate keeping them on the counter because counter space is at a premium in an RV. One thing that has to be on the counter is the coffee maker, because I have no where else to put it! BUT, the paper towels, well there’s an opportunity! Hubby made sure the spot was suitable since we didn’t know what was behind it. I made sure to purchase a towel rack that had only a one sided mount to prevent unnecessary (the minimum) amount of holes being put into her and knowing that paper towel holder would stay in place should we ever have to sell it. He made sure to use screws that weren’t too long just in case wiring was behind there since it was next to the radio. If you notice, he put the side with the screws into the molding area since it was more sound and thicker. This is why somethings in an RV can’t be placed exactly where I want them.  I’ve learned this!


So happy with how it turned out! My only downside to this location is that my youngest can grab them from her bunk! She uses paper towels to clean her dry erase board she had hanging in the bunkhouse and I didn’t think about this, but after our talk about how much paper towels she really needs to use, it solved our issue! HAHA!

While in Use

Additionally, we needed somewhere to store the remote control PLUS a place for hubby to keep his wallet. I found this magnetic organizer that was small enough for the side of the range hood. Since this was one of my last organizational purchases, I knew having an item that had this mesh on it would allow me to put a screw anywhere I needed.  I kinda had a hunch once it got heavy, it may not hold while traveling down the road. Once I got it up there, it wouldn’t hold once items were placed inside, so I had to change the location. We have end tables / night stands and I thought putting it on his side was the perfect spot. It obviously would not hold with the magnet, so I had hubby put in one simple screw and it worked great!

Attached with one simple screw

Remote control organizer plus a place for his wallet

I’m glad this worked out well because I was able to find this item in the clearance section of a major retailer for only $3! I love bargain shopping and that makes me want to make it work even more!  We have had this in the camper for two trips so far and it stays in place nicely while traveling.

Here are similar items on Amazon that I used in this post.

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