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RVLife Christmas Presents I received

Sharing a few of my Christmas presents that were inspired by the RV Life!

Hubby found this at a local craft fair and I just had to have it!  Yes, I knew it was going to be a Christmas present at the time but didn’t care because not only do I have a love of travel, but I prefer my necklaces to be long!  This was a perfect give for me!  Going to wear it on New Years Eve with a long black sweater and I think it will look simply perfect for our plans! If you are looking for a handmade one like mine, check out Amazon’s Handmade Jewelry page here and type in Wanderlust ->


Wanderlust Necklace

A gift that I have been wanting for quite a while is a decorative slow cooker that I like the looks of so I can leave out on the counter in the RV.  It doesn’t really match my theme, but I love the decorative look of it so I don’t care!  It will look so pretty with its bright colors being left out and I don’t have to worry about storing it.  I use my slow cooker quite a bit and plan to use it on our New Years trip to do baked potatoes.  I am hosting dinner one night so will need to feed 9 people and doing baked potatoes in a slow cooker for my baked potato bar will be helpful!

Pioneer Woman decorative Slow Cooker

Another item was a purchase from a relative far away and she had it personalized and we love it!  Certainly taking it camping with us and I will keep it in the RV so it can be displayed on the bottom of the steps.

Personalized “Happy Campers” Door Mat

Some links may contain affiliate links which simply means I may get a small commission on items purchased. I know it was not purchased through Amazon and I could not find the exact one, but a personalized camping door mat can be found on Amazon here ->

Chefs Press

Finally, a little present for my grilling guy!  I always make him grill the bacon on our outdoor kitchen gas grill so it doesn’t stink up the inside of the RV and heat up the inside at the same time.  In addition, it frees up space on the stove top or oven for other items.  We were given this really neat meat press which we will for sure use on our next camping trip!

This is another item I couldn’t find even a similar one anywhere so here is the link to the actual website for this product.  The Chefs Press

This meat press has a really cool concept that allows moisture to be released and you can use it as weighted device.  I think we can use it for 3 different presses for bacon since bacon doesn’t seem too thick.  I am sure he will have fun using our new bbq toy!

A few gift ideas if you have an RVer in your family or looking for some items for your own personal wishlist!

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