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Starting our new Adventure

Deciding to purchase an RV

Hubby and I realize our children are getting tired of the Disney scene and getting a little bit older.  We understand it is time to take action! I don’t exactly remember when we came to the conclusion that camping was the right route for our family, but I do remember talking about keeping the interest of our children regarding family time. Kids get excited when they are invited to participate in family purchases!  The girls would love to travel north to visit family and our old stomping grounds.  It will give all of us an opportunity to check out new places and bring the pets along too! So after much discussion, we decide to start looking for an RV.

Our RV Purchasing Checklist
1. It had to be under 10k (just in case we didn’t like it we could sell it)
2. We will finance it (because it’s a luxury and we had no other debt and didn’t want to touch savings)
3. It needs enough space for all of us to sleep well (4 of us and kids too big to sleep in same bed anymore)
4. It needs to be a travel trailer so insurance would be cheap (has no motor)
5. We would probably have to buy a TV (Tow Vehicle) because we didn’t want to destroy and abuse my daily driver

Hubby is lucky enough to see several prospective travel trailers because of his job. The perfect RV that fit our checklist ended up being a Keystone PassPort.  It is 9 years old and a family purchased it and used it only one time.  Unfortunatley, it was left outside in the Florida sun and much of the decals were faded. The great news is that the inside was immaculate!

We were blessed to have a friend who sold us his Suburban, which was more than equipped to haul this monster! It was 32 feet long and not something hubby was used to towing. We had boats in the past, big ones, but only had to tow them a few blocks to the water. This was completely different, but we were happy, kids were ecstatic, so off we went to start our new adventure!

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