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Storage for your RV

Something we didn’t completely consider, although we talked briefly about, was where you can keep your RV.  Our HOA does not allow RV’s for more than 48 hours in our driveway, and 24 hours in the street, so we knew we needed storage.  If you have ever had to pay to store something, than you know the pains of financially needing to pay just to store something you already own!  To me, that is crazy!  But, in our situation, it was a necessary evil.  I love our home and neighborhood and was not willing to move just to store our RV.

After calling a few places, we found that the prices ranged anywhere between $55 and $85 for an uncovered storage space. We decided to go the cheaper route and put our “huge” travel trailer into storage.  A 32 foot travel trailer was quit large and getting it into the spot was very daunting.  On the first trip to our storage space, we were so lucky that a gentlemen was there working on his professional rig (a huge Tractor Trailer) and helped us maneuver it into place.  This particular storage spot had storage buildings on either side and we just couldn’t get it put into place.  It also did not help that the actual space was slanted.  When hubby called he told them he wanted a pull through spot, but they had none.  We should have went to see the spot first, but we were so worried about getting a HOA notice that we were quick to pick the first cheap spot that had surveillance and a fence.

Well let me tell you, this storage spot only lasted two months!  Each time we had to pull it out and in, we were so frustrated that we decided to look for a different spot that suited us better, even though we knew it would cost more.

We contacted a gentlemen who had just bought land and was turning it into a storage space so we had first pick of our spot!  We went and looked at it FIRST and found a lovely space that backed up to the woods and fence, so nobody would be behind us.  There was PLENTY of space for hubby to back it into our space properly.  This lot was completely fenced in, but had rock and not blacktop, but we liked it! A great added bonus was that the owner has 2 full time RVer’s living in the storage lot so there would always be someone there looking over the place.

We found out from the owner the state wanted to unload the land cheap because it had electrical towers through part of the lot so they couldn’t build houses or retail space. Because of this, it is very spacious!  So to summarize here is why we love our storage space and are willing to pay $30 more a month to be here:

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  • Two full time RVer’s living at the storage lot to look over things
  • Lot is entirely fenced in
  • Fence gets locked each night so you can only get in if you call ahead and have the full time people who are living there let you in w/identification.
  • Not a grassy spot / but has stones so tires are not sitting in mud/wet/yucky stuff
  • Large and spacious space
  • Ability to back it into out spot easily
  • Will let us put up an awning if we choose to do so in the future
  • Only 5 miles from home so I can come and go with items and measurements etc.
  • Trash bins on site
  • Water on site
  • Some shade in the afternoon due to the wood line behind us

I would like to mention that our retirement plan is to live in an RV full time, but if we have to move again for some reason, I would suggest to add the price of storage into your mortgage payment calculation.  For example, knowing I pay $85 a month for RV storage, I would rather buy a home in a community that allows me to store my RV in my back yard, and use that $85 a month towards my monthly mortgage payment.  Just something to think about.

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