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Top 10 NON-ELECTRIC Camping Products

I’m sharing with you my top 10 non-electric products to make your life a little easier when camping and rving!


All items can be found on Amazon and include my affiliate links. This simply means I may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase these items.  I was not paid to review them and these are my own personal picks from my own personal research.


#1 – This non-electric slow cooker is perfect if you are boon docking! Simply boil your ingredients over your campfire and slow cook in this superb bag for the duration. It’s like opening up a little yummy present when it’s done!

#2 – You can sleep silently while humidifying any room. These two clay aqua ball humidifiers are cordless, non-electric, and battery free adding no additional noise to your sleeping area.  They also look and fit with any decor.

#3 – A non-electric sweeper by Bissell is a great tool to have in the RV also!  You can use it on bare floors and carpet without having to store a large vacuum or worry about electricity when boondocking! Lightweight and compact too! In addition, it sells at an affordable price. 

#4 – Many campers and RV’s do not come with a laundry room so a great alternative to using those germy laundromats is to have  your own washer.  When boon docking of course, there is no laundry place to visit!  If you get a stain and you want to get it out immediately or just want to take minimal amount of clothing with you, this is a luxurious item to have with you!  I like the Wonderwash Non-Lectric Portable company mini washing machine because it’s very affordable unlike others I have seen.  This particular model has over 1000 good ratings too! It’s a hand-crank unit that washes a5-lb. load clean in just a couple of minutes.  

#5 -The most popular camping coffee maker has to be the Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 8 Cup Coffee Percolator.  It has over 4,000 good reviews on Amazon! People use it all the time and post their good experience including great tasting coffee! It’s completely Stainless steel so will last you many many years.  It can be placed upon a portable fuel canister if you don’t want to use it on your gas stove top, bbq grill, or campfire.  No need for paper filters either. The best part is it’s still listed at a very affordable price.

#6 – An essential with any type of camping or boating is an emergency battery operated weather all in one radio.  My pick is this Solar Crank NOAA approved weather radio by RunningSnail.  It has a flashlight, a reading lamp, and also a 2000 power bank included.  I like that it has several ways to charge this radio. Hand crank, solar charging, Micro USB cable and 3 AAA batteries.  You can keep it in the boat or camper without having to worry about it being charged up or needing electrical resources to use it. Comes in a variety of colors as well. 

 #7 – A battery operated fan is greatly appreciated when dealing with high temperatures.  We like this 2 pack with good ratings! It has a rechargeable battery the mini USB fan comes with a 2200mAh lithium battery; which lasts from 2 to 8 hours depending on the wind speed. 

#8 – This is a good one and I have mentioned it in previous posts.  This is a necessity for my morning cup of coffee outside and my evening glass of wine outside!  The Thermacell Mosquito Repeller operates on a single butane cartridge. It is cordless, pocket-sized, portable and lightweight. You simply put a little pad inside that has the repellent on it, it then warms up and spreads into the air.  I like it because I can have it next to me but it does not have an overwhelming smell like citronella candles or oil does.  It really does work!  

#9 – A place to dry your wet towels, socks, or bathing suits but you don’t have a clothes dryer!  No problem, this handy tree clothes line is great because it takes up virtually little space to store and requires no electricity to dry!  Easy to fasten by the two strong hooks that are attached.  The two S hook of outdoor line can be steady on any tree branches.  Just hang it to any hooks or object and you can start hanging clothes in 2 minutes.

#10 – A good replacement for your electric food processor is this highly rated manual one! It has over 1,700 good reviews on this hand powered food chopper.  When it’s just too big of a job for a knife, this handy little processor can help you make life much easier.  It is a great kitchen gadget for small kitchens, RVs, travel, and camping.

Happy Travels!

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