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Updating our Camper Door

How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

After taking Mini Pearl out a few times, we decided an upgrade to the camper screen door was in order. We were constantly opening and closing it. I would open it because I like the natural light it provided, and Hubby would close it because he wanted to keep the air conditioned air inside. In addition, the dog and cat (when they travel with us), love to sit and look outside.

Hubby went to our local giant hardware store and purchased some plexiglass or impact acrylic for the entire height of the door. The total spent for these supplies (including hardware) was $62.64.

  • $47.69 for 30 x 60 inch clear acrylic
  • $2.28 for 2 -3/4 in threaded post screws
  • $2.28 for 2 -1 inch post screws
  • $10.39 for 18in x 24 in clear acrylic

Place a screw on the edge to keep in place

Showing a screw to keep in place









First we took measurements of the inside of the door. There is a small channel where the two pieces of acrylic would be placed so we used those measurements. One piece was for the top half of the door and the other for the bottom half of the door.  No need to make one for the middle section since it already has that sliding piece of plastic. Once we got to the hardware store, we asked them to cut the two pieces to those sizes. This made life a lot easier and eliminated a whole step for us! There was no charge, so might as well use their machinery since it would cut easier and quicker than ours. Once we got home, Hubby used his jigsaw with a metal cutting blade to shape the top two corners. They were not straight corners and needed to be rounded off.

We then set the acrylic in the channels in the door. The acrylic will flex easily, so its not hard and it also gives you a little extra flexibility. We wanted to be able to remove them during the cooler months when we wouldn’t need to use the air conditioning so it had to be easy to come on and off. This is why we choose to not seal it with any type of caulk. Simply, we used 4 short screws, 1 on each side and screwed them through the edge of the acrylic into the door.

We have used it for several trips so far and have had no issues. We love it and I just clean my dogs nose art off the acrylic with Windex and that works well.

Entire Door Done with an Acrylic inset

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