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Using your own personal toilet

Yup! I said it!

If you hate using the public restrooms as much as I do, then you might be an RV Owner!

When hubby and I decided to first get a camper, it was after a vacation where we decided to stay at a hotel while driving home. We didn’t have reservations and we didn’t do research on the hotel because it was a last minute decision. Knowing some of the hotels we had stayed in the past that seemed ok, we opted for one of those name brand hotels that gives you breakfast in the morning. After that stay, I was so grossed out about the dirt in the corners of the bathroom, around the shower stall, and stains on the carpet. When he suggested a camper, I was like “Yes, no more yucky bathrooms!” “No more toilets that 10,000 other people used!” “I won’t have to worry about the girls getting who knows what from public restrooms”.

It solved about 3/4 of that having our own traveling hotel! The only part I didn’t like was having to use gas station restrooms. You know the ones that all the truckers, other rvers, and traveling highway tourists are using too! I have nothing against anyone using the restroom, but what I don’t like is that thousands of people have used that toilet and I’m counting on somebody to clean them and clean them well each day. Plus, who knows who has used that bathroom after it was cleaned last! I don’t like being sick and I really don’t like dealing with my kids and hubby when they are sick.

So hubby suggested we use the Travel Toilet we still had on hand from when we had our boat. What a great idea! You can use it when you are dry camping if you don’t want to deal with emptying the black tank, especially if it’s just number one, it’s really not that bad.

They have all sizes, but this is the one most similar to ours so I thought I would share it with you all.  It’s super easy to use.  Just open the fresh water tank.  Fill the tank with water.  Tighten the cap up.  Pull out the slide valve before use.
Depress the Pump one or two times.  You can rinse bowl after use with a brush if needed.  Then just close the slide

If you have children, this makes it easy because when we stop to eat or get gas I simply have hubby pull off to the side.  We keep the toilet in the camper and everybody can go in privacy and not worry about what yucky germs you are picking up at a public restroom.  Of course, you can use it when dry camping in the same manner.

When I need to walk the dog, I simply walk him then take him to the camper with me.  I don’t have to worry about leaving him in the car with somebody and I can take him in the camper when we stop to eat as well.  It just makes life easier for me and my family.



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