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A “well worth it” camping purchase!

Most of the state parks here in FL offer campsites with only running water, but no hookup to dump your black or grey water tanks at the site.  It’s quite a pain to unhook the entire trailer and undo everything just to take it to the emptying stations.  After our trip to St. Andrews state park, we decided to purchase a tote tank for our next state park trip to the Keys.  We purchased the Barker 25894 – 4 Wheeler 25 gallon Tote Tank for use of our grey water.  There are 4 of us, and hubby said our trailer can handle the black water for a few days, but the grey water is what gets us.  

So off we went to the keys for 5 days and after that trip, we both agreed this was a WELL WORTH IT purchase!

Our family of 4 does not use the bath house or restrooms.  This was actually one of the main reasons for getting a camper in the first place.  We traveled several times a year since our family is from up north, and I got tired of staying at $150 a night hotels that felt like they should have been more of a $50 night special!  I am a little bit of a neat freak and germophobe to say the least.  This is what hubby and I argue over the most, unlike other couples who argue about money or other things, ours is usually about how the house is kept.  Quite honestly, if I had to use the public restrooms and bathhouses, I wouldn’t bother having a camper.

I tried to plan ahead knowing I could prevent some of the water from going down the drain, so I did a few things.  Another good purchase, was this nifty portable sink on Amazon for washing dishes. I simply put it inside my regular sink and emptied it outside with the cleaner water like washing hands, or glasses. It fits perfectly in my sink and allowed me to water the trees and bushes instead of putting perfectly good water down the drain. For the dirtier items, I simply wiped all the food off with paper towels prior to washing them.  In addition, we took it outside to wash our hands on a few occasions and filled it up with the outside shower.

I also knew we weren’t going to have a grey water hookup, so I bought a few disposable aluminum roasting pans to use for my meats, so I could simply throw them away and not have to wash them and create more grey water. Make sure what you buy fits in your oven. I have a larger oven in Mini Pearl from my previous RV so I know what size I can use.


JoeyCan Watering Can

The last item I took with us for water preservation, as an item I already had in my home.  I live in FL and the water is expensive, so I use this daily in our shower while waiting for it to heat it.  It’s called the JoeyCan and I have both the green and blue, one for each shower at home.  You simply lay it flat in your shower while waiting for the water to get to the proper temp, than tilt it upwards when u get in so it stops filling up with water.  I then use it to water my flower pots and the kids like doing it too!  I love when I can repurpose items in both the camper and my house.

So our family of 4 filled up the tank in 3 days with grey water and hubby had 2 opportunities to empty it.  After showers, washing dishes, hands, etc. it needed to be emptied.  Hubby said he is glad we purchased the tote we did and would give it a 4 star rating out of 5 stars! He said it is thick and very well built. He was able to tow it with no issues and one time simply walked up with it in tow, like a wagon. This is because this one had AIR tires so it tows well fully loaded, unlike the cheap ones with plastic tires. His only reason for not giving it a 5 star is he was unable to get out all the water, a little was left behind. He had to turn it on its side and wiggle it around to get all the water out completely. He was also happy that the 25 gallon was a good size for our family because we bought it based on opinions of others, but not really knowing what we would use. We all took daily showers, sometimes 2 a day due to the snorkeling we did at the park.

We didn’t have to unhook the black tank until it was time to go, so we learned our family can use the black tank without a tote for at least 4 days.

Fits perfectly behind our propane tanks on the front of Mini Pearl.

I would highly recommend a tote tank because it was one of the best products we purchased.  Make sure you get a good quality one like we did, as this is not one of the those products you want to be cheap about.

We tied it to the front of the trailer and that is where we keep it while in tow.  It fits nicely under our Jeep in the garage while not using the camper since we have to store it in a storage facility.

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